No planning: Aussie blokes 'spontaneous' about marriage proposals

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When it comes to wedding proposals, it seems many Aussie blokes aren’t overly concerned about romance or grandiose gestures. They much prefer to pop the big question wherever – and whenever- their hearts tell them the time is right – even if that’s over a beer and steak parma at the local pub.

A new survey by Sydney-based jeweller Max Diamonds showed that while more than a few Aussie blokes did opt for romantic proposals involving Italian castles, flash mobs and surprise TV proposals, at least one third chose to pop the question on the spur of the moment – often when simply sitting at home on the couch watching TV – and without an engagement ring.

“We were really surprised at the variety and range of responses,” said Alex Barnes, General Manager of Max Diamonds, which specialises in loose, conflict-free diamonds, as well as engagement rings and other gemstones. “We loved read about the fantastically complex and superbly organised proposals involving helicopters, magnums of Dom Perignon and even dolphins but, equally, we loved reading about the spontaneous proposals.

“I can only imagine that the groom-to-be suddenly realised that their partner was the person they wished to spend the rest of their lives with and they dispensed with tradition and simply popped the question. If you ask me, that’s pretty romantic!”

The survey showed that only 57.8 per cent of Aussie men chose to ask their bride’s parents for permission to marry, while 35.4 per cent of grooms-to-be chose not to get down on bended knee.

“I think the results shows that many Australian men are very practical. Marriage is about love and they wait until their hearts tell them it’s time to pop the question rather than planning the entire event down to the tiniest detail,” says Alex whose husband of one year popped the question on his birthday, which also happened to fall on the day of a once-in-150-year full moon.

“Of course, just because a marriage proposal is impromptu doesn’t meant that it’s any less special or heart felt,” she added.

According to the results, 51.6 per cent of grooms-to-be didn’t spend exorbitant amounts on their engagement rings, but did spend what they could afford.

“Our survey paints a very clear picture that proposals can still be special and romantic without expensive rings or the man having to get down on bended knee – and that’s exactly how it should be!”

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