What to do the night before the wedding

Your wedding is tomorrow – what are you supposed to do to pass the time? Instead of pacing around an empty room all day, here’s what to do the night before the wedding.

night before the wedding

“Is it my wedding day yet?”

Eat a ‘safe’ meal

Those unfortunate souls (myself included) with lactose or gluten intolerance know exactly what I’m talking about. If you KNOW avocado gives you chronic stomachaches, DO NOT eat it. Nobody needs that kind of stress/pain on their wedding day.

night before the wedding

Foetal position is NOT one of the recommended wedding photography poses.

Pack your sleepover bag

Now – imagine you arrive at your hotel after your wedding and you’ve forgotten your sleepover bag. How are you going to wash your face? What are you going to wear the next day – your wedding dress again? That’s a walk of shame I’m not sure I’d like to participate in.

night before the wedding

“I swear I looked prettier yesterday.”

Relax yourself

When I say relax, I definitely don’t mean pop a few valium and wash it down with a large glass of wine. You want to be awake for your wedding, right? I’m talking about primping and priming – think manicures, pedicures – a long bubble bath perhaps?

night before the wedding

I’ll say it again – no wine, no valium.

Confirm payment and double check with vendors

This is probably (definitely) one of the most important things to do in the days before your wedding. Make sure the vendors that are making your wedding possible, are actually attending the wedding.

night before the wedding

“So… Is it possible to get married without a celebrant?”

Do something fun

Get your bridesmaids together the night before for a sleepover and engage in activities you find fun. For myself and my girlfriends, that means sitting around ignoring one another and stuffing our faces with food. For you, perhaps this means watching girly movies while giving each other massages. Each to their own. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

night before the wedding

Just don’t eat anything ‘unsafe’ for your stomach.

Say thank you

This one probably depends on whether you’re a bridezilla or not. If you truly are grateful for the hard work your family and friends have put into your wedding, let them know!

night before the wedding

“And thank YOU floofy dog, for being so goddamn floofy.”

Set your alarm

If your hairdressers appointment is in the early AM, it only makes sense to get up in the obscene hours of the morning. Make sure you set your alarm – you don’t want to miss those crucial hours of putting your hair and face together to make you acceptable enough to be wedded.

night before the wedding

“Hairdressers at 11am? Wake up at 5am.”

Get a good night’s sleep

Let’s see: you’ve avoided dubious food, you have refrained from drinking yourself into a ‘relaxed state’, and you’ve set your alarm for a disturbingly early wake up call. Congrats, you’re finally ready for those three hours of beauty sleep!

night before the wedding

This photo was included mainly because of the cat. Sue me.

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