New ring, he insisted!

For those of you who did not read my post about my interim ring I will give you a really quick run down.

I have a beautiful ring that doesn’t have diamonds and isn’t gold but is mine and is absolutely beautiful and me. My fiance said that it was in the meantime so that we could announce our engagement and start planning. Well, I grew to love this ring and I do so very much. I decided that I don’t need a big flashy diamond. Well little did I know that my fiance had very strong feelings about this. He has just about demanded that I get a “real” ring that has diamonds and is gold and sparkly and beautiful and I kid you not this is the reason he said… “becuase you are worth it and you deserve it.” Naw! Such a sweetie and how can I say no after that!? After all he did insist.

So… after his beautiful words I have been looking at some stunning rings but still keeping within a reasonable price range because we have a family and we are saving for a house. We haven’t found anything yet but we will.

A hunting we will go!

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