Yay! I finally found my wedding photographer

So, its been a while since my last post, only because I have just spent a lot of time doing some research on our photographer!

Photographs are really, really important to Matt and I, so we definitely want to get a great one whose pictures we love! I hear so many people talking about cost not realising there’s so much more to wedding photography than just snapping photos on your big day. It’s also about everything afterwards that we don’t see, like editing and presentation and, of course, how much work, thought and creativity goes in The Album.

We have been saving for soooo long for our photographer, for me it was one of the most important parts of the wedding.

I had a friend recently choose a photographer based on price alone, not quality and you could see it in the photos, I think I could have done the same job. I wanted the best – plain and simple. These photos are going to be on my walls for the rest of my life. I don’t want to choose a photographer based on price and stare at them for the next 80 years thinking I should have saved a little bit more to get my dream photos? I do not want regrets with my wedding photos.

I looked around for a while for a photographer and spoke to a lot of photographers. Not only did the photos have to be the best, I needed to know that we were comfortable with them, they could do any edits if needed and would produce the album we wanted!

Serendipity Image

My sister and I feel exactly the same way about the photographer, so we both did a fair bit of research. My sister came to me with this photo and said – “I want this photographer!”

I knew who they were straight away and couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of them sooner. We both went in to see Serendipity in Malvern and we were instantly sold.

There photos are amazing in person and Sally and Julian were really accommodating with everything we wanted.

I am sooo ecstatic and I would have to say I am addicted, every time I see them add new photos I have to look through all of them and they are always amazing.

If you love photography as much as me and you’re in the process of looking for a photographer, save as much as your budget can handle for your photographer, as this is one place that I think you should invest in for your wedding!

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