My new engagement ring!

I turned into putty in my fiance’s hands as soon as we started discussing a new ring, diamonds, bling, mine. He had bought me a beautiful ring initially that I wore everyday and loved. It wasn’t a diamond though and my fiance had an issue with this. He thinks it is very important to have a diamond in your engagement ring, “they are forever” he has quoted before. He even said that I was worth it. How can I say no to that?

We went looking and there wasn’t anything that i fell in love with. As far as the diamond itself I preferred the princess cut, which I know it as the square ones, but since wearing the ring he had given me initially I was falling in love with the brilliant cut, aka circle one. I think the one we ended up choosing was actually a halo, has another circle around it funnily enough like a halo. The attendant was phenomenal and so helpful. She took out dozens of rings and let me try them all on and then compared them to one another. Customer service to the max. I had never really been a diamond person and I don’t think I scream diamonds when I walk into jewelers so it was kind of Pretty Woman moment for me.


My beautiful ring – love!

My daughter has claimed the interim ring as hers as soon as she can fit into it becuase apparently it isn’t fair that she gets one and I don’t.

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