I wish I could talk to my groom about my wedding dress…

He says:

Wow! Jess was a nightmare until she found her perfect dress. Just joshing, but it is a relief that Jess found the dress without too much agony. I never realised how stressful the whole thing can be.

There is equal pleasure and pain in not knowing anything about the dress Jess has chosen but I‘m sure, come the day I get to finally see it, I’ll be bursting at the seams.

We’ve both had moments of almost cracking. I really want a sneak peak and I can tell Jess wants to show me for my opinion, but I think the main reason for not wanting to know any of the details of the dress, is tradition.

But I also know Jess will look better than any other time I have ever seen her before or ever will see her again and I want the moment of absorbing everything for the first time to happen when she walks down the aisle.. It already has me with butterflies in the belly.

As far as my expectations, I think Jess will have definitely chosen something classy, with a nod to the vintage and probably a splash of camouflage or leopard print. Ok, a couple of those suggestions may be tongue in cheek.

What I do know is that she will look incredible in anything  – even leopard print. She always does.

She says:

I’ve been hunting for the perfect wedding dress for at least a couple of months, doing everything from Googling wedding gown galleries to juggling shopping sessions with my mum and sister but the I moment I saw the gown I’ve chosen, I just knew it was the wedding dress for me.

I have tried and tested sooo many styles: laces, tulles, strapless gowns, backless dresses, outfits with cap sleeves, others with no sleeves but until I stumbled across this one, something was always missing.

I’ve looked at hundreds of dresses and, to be honest, most looked pretty much the same to me, until I found this one. I didn’t want something that was too tight or that showed too much cleavage and it was the only dress I could actually see myself in.

It’s going to be very special, not just because it’s my wedding dress but because I’m having a piece of material from my mum’s own wedding dress sewn into the layers of my dress. Mum’s thrilled and so am I. At least I’ve got my ‘something old’ covered!

What I’m really surprised by is how hard it is not talking to Jared about it!

He’s my best friend and we discuss everything, certainly everything important.

He’s definitely stepping up with the wedding planning! He’s actually enjoying helping with every aspect of the wedding and, although I don’t necessarily take fashion advice from him, his opinion means a lot to me, so it’s so strange not being able to talk to him about the most important dress I’ll wear in my life.

While I was looking for the dress, I’d constantly want to turn to him and ask him what he thought about a certain colour, or material or shape of sleeve or something but I couldn’t.

And now that I’ve found the dress, I keep wanting to ask him about his thoughts on matching jewellery or if the decorations will go something on the dress etc – but I can’t!

He’s really looking forward to being surprised and seeing me in my wedding dress but he says he really wants the first time he sees it to be when I walk down the aisle.

I totally understand his decision – and agree with him – but that doesn’t make it any easier! I’m a very open person and we make most of our decisions together, except this one.

Anyway, I hope I don’t let anything slip so that Jared gets his surprise!

I can’t wait to show him and you too, but you’ll all just have to wait a little longer…  🙂

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