My 'interim' ring…

My fiancee Mehdi chose a beautiful interim ring.

Our plan is to wait until I don’t have chubby prego fingers and then I can get this stunning white gold Swarovski crystal ring that I saw online. I didn’t want anything too expensive because, ask anyone that knows me, I am a cluts and I lose everything and there is no way I could justify a huge amount sitting on my finger walking around.

So, when I saw this ring and it was under $500 I was elated and I knew that was the one we were getting. I would never spend more than that.

BUT… do I really need to? The last couple of weeks I have been looking at my fake interim ring and seeing me, seeing Mehdi.

I have been seeing what it represents more than what it is. Although, what it is is beautiful and I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a diamond and a Cubic Zirconia. I can barely even spell it.

As far as I’m concerned it’s shiny and it’s mine.

So. I ask – the Swarovski ring is stunning and, if I saved, I could get it, but do I really need to?

Does it matter if I have something real on my hand?

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