My bridal party

So, they say your wedding is supposed to be about you and to make sure that you enjoy the day.


I am just at the beginning of planning our wedding and I think I want to elope already!

Having to take into account families and their feelings is a huge part of the process. I was going to have my two closest friends as my Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid because one I have grown up with since kinder and the other has been my rock during the past 10 years.

Of course, it couldn’t be that easy.

Then there is Mehdi’s choice. Damn, I forgot there was a groom and that he needed groomsmen.

Do you think that two were easy for him to select? No. He wanted at least four!

He had three really close friends and his brother that he had to have, which is fair enough. Now I need to find two more to match.

Here is the problem though, I have three sisters. Yep, three, not two, but three.

My mother told me that it wasn’t fair to have one but not all, which deep down I know, so I need to include all of them. So that puts my side as five and Mehdi’s as four. Great, now he needs to find another groomsman.

Oh, wait, wait, wait…

Mehdi’s sister and my brother can’t be the only siblings not in the party. Ok, so it’s actually Monica six and Mehdi five now.

Mehdi knew straight away who he would put as his sixth groomsman. Oh, oh. Did I just say that? 6?

We have six people on each side in the bridal party. Is six too many?

“My lovely siblings and the reason why our Bridal Party is so large”

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