Our story: Monica and Mehdi

Mehdi and I have been together for almost 9 years. Wow, that sounds long saying it out loud.

Although we have known each other for much longer than that, we just didn’t really know that we did. It’s kind of like a movie romance – minus Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

I would say it’s been about 15 years in total that we have actually known each other. Mehdi worked where my father bowled, which works out great because he actually knew my father who has since passed away and I never got to officially introduce the two but am comforted knowing that they actually knew each other. His mother has even met my father, in fact I think they bowled together or against each other or however that works, so it all works out perfectly. Reason for my ramble is that we saw each other every Friday because of this.

A funny story – One time I went to order a drink from the Café, where Mehdi was behind the counter working, and he lent over with his chin in his hand, I am not joking, and says… “What’s your star sign?” We laugh about this all the time because I am younger than Mehdi and well I was really grossed out and ran straight to my Dad explaining the whole thing. He would probably kill me for letting this story get out to well let’s just say a whole lot of people so in his defense he claims, yes claims, he was reading a horoscope book and was honestly curious. Pfffft sure! He just didn’t think he would be stuck with me later.

Mehdi then worked with my best friend for a couple of years and even then it never really clicked and to make it spookier this whole time we were at the same high school too. We even changed to a different high school which was the same as each others. We could have been walking past each other on a daily basis and just never took notice. He swears he remembers seeing me and my “coke bottle glasses”, lovely is the man I am marrying, at school but I don’t buy it. We were then and still are complete opposites in every way possible.

Anyway we actually met when I went clubbing with my best friend, actually the same one who used to work with him, and after getting our Beam and cokes I saw him. He was dancing and OMG it was a he had me at hello moment and then some, except with dancing.  Who can resist a man that can dance? I couldn’t. I am embarrassed to say I pointed at him and told my girlfriend… “I am taking him home tonight.”

… 9 years later we have 2 amazing children and a third on the way.

 UPDATE: Our third child, little Alistair, was born on November 16, 2012.

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