Meet our new blogger, Emily…

Heya, I’m Emily and I work as an Account Manager at Easy Weddings, the best place ever to work while you’re planning a wedding!

I am a really crafty person so I like to try and do everything myself (or at least give it a go). It drives my fiance Matt nuts, sort of. Actually he is really supportive of everything I do.

Recently, I decided I wanted to try and learn how to decorate cakes. How many men do you know,  if asked, would go out at 11pm at night to get icing sugar?

Matt goes to the cake shop when I need cake boards or dye and he does it with a smile. Prior to the cakes I wanted to learn how to make candles, prior to that making jewellery… you get the picture. Whatever my latest venture, he always supports me in it.

Emily and Matt - Easy Weddings

An early picture of Matt and I on one of our first dates...

So, in the past two and a half years of being together, Matt has come home to beads all over the floor, candles lining every single table top and icing sugar everywhere! (Not to mention all of my in-between phases of scrapbooking, sewing and plenty of other DIY projects).

My sister Jess got engaged two months before me, so currently my sister and I are planning our weddings together. It’s awesome to be able to share the experience as we have such different ideas for our weddings, but love each other’s ideas as well.

I am pretty set in my ways, when I like something. I like things done a certain way. I say I’m a perfectionist (though some may prefer to call me anal).

I love life, my fiance Matt and his beautiful four-year-old son Dillan and can’t wait to marry him on February 15, 2014! My family and I are very much looking forward to moving onto the next chapter in our lives and sharing our big day with everyone close to me.

I hope you’ll join me on my journey – and you can read all my blog posts here.

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