Matt doesnt want to wear a tie for the wedding…

This is what the boys will look like – minus the tie, of course.

My fiance Matt said that he doesn’t want to wear a tie for our wedding.

We’ve been talking about the overall look of the wedding and what he wants, and he has decided on grey suits, white shirts, grey waistcoats but no tie!

I’m OK with it but it seems that a few of our family members believe a tie must be worn at a wedding. We not as traditional so we don’t feel the boys must wear ties.

I think that it’s Matt’s big day too, so he should – or shouldn’t – wear what he feels comfortable in and, if that means no tie, then that’s fine by me.

The wedding is in February, so he’s even thinking about ditching his jacket if it’s too hot and, being mid February, there is a good possibility it will be very hot and that they won’t be able to cope in the heat.

To be honest, if they’re going for a no-tie look, I think it would look even better with their sleeves rolled up (just like in the picture), especially if it ends up being really hot.

We haven’t told the rest of the family about THAT yet! They’re still struggling with the idea of no ties.

We should probably have jackets on hand – just in case – for the ceremony and the formal photos. but we don’t know where we are going to get the suits from yet.

When we were in Thailand last April, Matt was fitted for a suit that he wore at our engagement party and loves it. So, maybe we could get the same company to make his wedding suit.

Matt thinks he’s going to have his buck’s weekend in Thailand but it’s soooo not going to happen. As if we could afford it before the wedding! If he does manage to get over there, it would make sense to get his suits made at the same place – and all his groomsmen will be with him.

I actually really like the idea of getting the boys’ suits made in Thailand, since that’s where we got engaged, I think it’s cute.

Whatever we decide, I’ll get back to you with updates on the suits!

What are your thoughts? Ties or no ties for the boys?

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