10 reputable marriage celebrants in Greater Manchester

It’s coming up to that big day, the most important day of your life so far, your idyllic wedding day in iconic Manchester, and you’ve got almost everything planned and sorted. Do you know who is going to officiate your wedding? More and more these days people are choosing celebrants to run the ceremony, people who will provide a special service in making sure your ceremony is unique to you and very memorable. Here are the top 10 celebrants available in the Greater Manchester area.

With Love KB 

marriage celebrants greater manchester

With Love KB is the service run by Kathryn Britton, a very well respected celebrant working across the UK. Kathryn got her start working in retail, and has since worked in conservation, real estate, even journalism! Never one to be pigeon holed, Kathryn left it all behind to become a full time, fully trained celebrant and master of ceremonies. She has the skill and personality to MC any kind of event, but its seeing new couples express their love and commitment in a wedding ceremony of which is most proud of.

Lisa Bourne

marriage celebrants greater manchester

Lisa Bourne is an independent celebrant coming from the growing tradition of Humanism. While it might seem like a new aged idea, Humanism is quite well established and in the context of wedding ceremonies, is really about what it sounds like it is, celebrating humanity. This involves celebrating love, interconnectedness, and most importantly the people for whom we are gathered, the couple getting married. This is why every ceremony she designs and runs will be tailored to the individual couple and designed alongside them, in consultation with them, as she gets to know them better on a personal and friendly level.

Kate Clarkson 

marriage celebrants greater manchester

Kate Clarkson is another celebrant from the humanist movement of the industry, and is a person who truly loves what she does, and the connection it allows her to have with her fellow humans. For her, there is no better way to spend a day than conducting a personalised wedding ceremony made exactly as the loving couple desires. Whether you know exactly what you want to say, or need a bit of help, Kate a great choice.

Unity Civil Celebrancy 

marriage celebrants greater manchester

Unity Civil Celebrancy is the brainchild of Liz Thompson, an independent celebrant from the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants. Liz comes from a diverse background of skills and experiences, and is dedicated to making sure everyone who wants to be joined together in love gets the opportunity to do so, and what’s more, gets the chance to express their love and commitment in a way that is meaningful and special to them. Her service is open to anyone, including people who may have disabilities of any kind preventing them from going through a traditionally arranged ceremony.

Maxine Beech Ceremonies 

marriage celebrants greater manchester

Humanism as an alternative to civil and religious ceremonies is a growing trend in the space, and it’s easy to see why. A humanist ceremony focuses on the personal touch, and is generally very inclusive for people from all walks of life. Maxine Beech is a dedicated humanist, who over many intimate occasions leading up to the event will ensure that you and her can really get to know each other, allowing for a ceremony that is truly personal and unforgettable.

Humanist Ceremonies Leeds 

marriage celebrants greater manchester

Christine Berrisford is the celebrant behind Humanist Ceremonies Leeds, and is trained and fully accredited with the Humanists Uk group. If you’re looking for a ceremony that isn’t just a precursor to the party, but a really engaging and heartwarming event that everyone will be proud to be a part of, but also something that is tailored to you and non-religious, then Christine is the celebrant for you. It is one of her great loves in life to be given the opportunity to offer the service of marrying people, and that really comes across in her work.

Charlotte Pennefather Celebrant

marriage celebrants greater manchester

Charlotte is a friendly, independent celebrant with a real flair for bespoke, personalised ceremonies. Prior to the event she will sit down with you, listen to your story and help guide your vision of what a perfect ceremony means to you. This could include personal anecdotes, poetry or quotes, letters, and any spiritual component important to you. This the beauty of an independent celebrant, it’s all about you and who you are.

Ceremonies by Lynda

marriage celebrants greater manchester

Lynda Williams has been a celebrant for years, and in that time has celebrated hundreds of happy couples special moments, and loved every one of them. A great pleasure of hers is working with each couple to create a special ceremony that really means something just to them. Whether the ceremony is in a traditional venue, a home, a backyard marquee, or under a waterfall in the heart of the forest, it really is down to each couple’s vision, which Lynda will ensure is being used in the most effective way.

Harry Rose Ceremonies 

marriage celebrants greater manchester

Harry Rose Ceremonies is run by the Wedding and Family celebrant Judi Sheppard, and she sees her role in your special day as helping to plan and celebrate. This includes sitting down with you prior to the event and getting to know who you are and what you believe in. This will help her plan the absolute best ceremony for you individually, and with your consultation every step of the way.

A fully trained member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, Judi also offers the free service of finding and recommending amazing locations in Manchester and the greater area, suited to your needs.

Heartfelt Ceremonies 

marriage celebrants greater manchester

Heartfelt Ceremonies is the brand of Viv Andrews, a writer and conductor of beautiful, bespoke ceremonies all over the North West. For many people, a non-traditional wedding, with less focus on religious ideals, is much more suitable for their needs. At the other end of the spectrum, many people don’t feel so excited about the very formal, often business-like nature of a civil ceremony. An independent celebrant like Viv is a fantastic alternative to both of these. Delivering as the name says, heartfelt ceremonies that are personalised, meaningful and above all else, about you, and who you are.

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