20 Marriage Celebrants Godalming Has To Offer

Getting married soon in Godalming? You’ll want to talk to a marriage celebrant. Whether you want to get the full package of having someone design a ceremony for you, or whether you just want to find the right person to conduct the ceremony you’ve already planned, a marriage celebrant is a perfect addition to any wedding plan. Here are the top 20 marriage celebrants in Godalming.

Vows That Wow 

marriage celebrants godalming

To be a true tailor made service, each time the service has to be new and unique, because each new couple and each new situation is also unique. Michael knows this all too well, and uses his greatly honed skills first to help you plan the ceremony, and then on the day run it for you. Michael is the celebrant and brain behind Vows That Wow, a celebrancy service that sits in the perfect place in the market, offering what both conventional church based services and registrar offices can’t offer – a truly bespoke experience.

Phil Donaghue 

marriage celebrants godalming

Whether it be because of his powerful presence and personality, or his inviting, warm attitude towards working with new couples, Phil Donaghue is the perfect professional. His passion to help people of all walks of life celebrate their love individually is second to none.

Phil Donaghue is the full celebrant package. Completely independent, open to any and all types of occasions, and with a seriously impressive background in the theatre, Phil’s ceremonies are truly made all the more special by his involvement.


marriage celebrants godalming

A master of many different kinds of ceremonies, Janice from Luvduv says herself that her very favourite thing to do is plan and officiate weddings, and it’s really easy to believe it when you look at her portfolio. She has diploma training in Wedding Planning from the QC School of Wedding Planning, and a Foundation Certificate in Marriage and Family Celebrancy from the UK College of Celebrancy. She also has a long list of positive testimonials full of rave reviews of her wise expertise and intimate coaching. You’re getting married in Winchester soon, you deserve the very best, and that’s what you’ll get with Janice from Luvduv.

Sue Dowell 

marriage celebrants godalming

Knowing that you’re in the best hands, of someone you’ve gotten to know and trust, and someone who really knows what they’re doing in this area, makes the day go that much smoother and instead of worrying about how it is all going to go, you can enjoy yourself in the confidence that today really is going to be the best day of your life. Leading up to the day, Sue Dowell will work closely with you and your partner, getting to know who you are as people, what you value, how you fell in love, and she will use this information to create a tailor made and intimate ceremony that really speaks to the heart of what makes you special.

Caroline Black 

Whether you want to host the event in a garden, or a place of special significance to you, Caroline Black can help. You could also need help choosing the perfect words to say, or want to do a unique ritual such as a hand-fasting. Whatever the event, the style, the location, Caroline can work with you to make it so much better. Caroline is a generous and witty humanist celebrant who’s work takes her all over society helping people in need craft and create beautiful, intimate ceremonies that always celebrate life and love in some special way.

Ginny Collins

marriage celebrants godalming

Ginny Collins, apart from just being a friendly, engaging personality, is an English Literature graduate, with a long and successful career in writing and publishing, so she really knows words, and now, working as a Humanist celebrant, she really knows about love and commitment, as well as putting on a cracking good ceremony. If you’re having trouble writing your vows, or just can’t quite find the perfect words to describe your love for your partner, Ginny Collins could be the perfect celebrant for you.

Rosemary Taylorson 

marriage celebrants godalming

A trained and professional humanist celebrant, Rosemary is all about creating intimacy through deeply personalised ceremonies crafted alongside you and with your advice and friendship. Looking for that elegant, dignified wedding ceremony of your dreams? But maybe you don’t want to go with the rigid conventions of an absolutely traditional wedding? It’s hard sometimes to strike a balance. No one strikes that balance like Rosemary Taylorson.

Fr. John H Mccormack, Ksj 

marriage celebrants godalming

Though spiritually devout in his personal life, Father John recognises that many people in today’s society don’t have a formal link to the church, but still have a love and commitment to one another that deserves to be celebrated and acknowledged. This is why he offers his services to anyone with open arms and a friendly, professional attitude.Father John is the founder of a service called Celebrate Life, that strikes the perfect balance between traditional religious ceremonies and humanist services.

Joe Davis 

marriage celebrants godalming

Despite his personal beliefs, Joe Davis recognises that not everyone has the same ideas about spirituality, and so he is all about celebrating you and your unique experiences rather than any core beliefs you might share. Joe is a community minded professional and a fantastic choice for anyone in the area looking for a top class celebrant. A pastor with a massive 25 years experience, he wanted to be a bigger part of people’s special occasions, and so he founded Soul Place, a bespoke service dedicated to organising friendly and professional events.

Martin Shaw 

marriage celebrants godalming

A trained civil celebrant and registrar, Martin Shaw went from one side of the industry, just getting people married and through the door as quick as possible as required in his job as a registrar, to the more intimate, personal setting of working one on one with couples to deliver the wedding of their dreams in as much time as they need. Martin Shaw is a veteran of countless ceremonies and weddings, and it’s very easy to see why people keep asking him back! He is one of the best. A friendly, warm, and confident individual, Martin is highly recommended.

Sue Pellow 

marriage celebrants godalming

Whether you want someone to help you write your vows and make those difficult decisions for designing the content of your ceremony, or whether you want someone to go the whole way and officiate everything on the day, Sue Pellow is a fantastic choice. Sue is a real, top class professional celebrant. Trained by the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, while also having worked in the charity sector for an impressive 17 years and counting, Sue is the perfect combination of kind, generous, but also confident and charming, like a true master of ceremonies should be.

Jennie Shotton

marriage celebrants godalming

After her own wedding ceremony, in which the celebrant hosting it made her day that much more special and memorable, Jennie Shotton decided that she wanted to do for others what they did for her, so she became a celebrant to spread the love and positivity that often comes when working with one as professional as Jennie. Jennie is a professional celebrant from the fellowship of professional celebrants, and she will work with you closely and personally to create and design the ceremony not that you feel you should have, but the one you want in your heart.

Kate Gee 

marriage celebrants godalming

Kate Gee uses her passion for working with people, mixed with her humanist beliefs, to create ceremonies that are bespoke, interesting and entertaining. While Kate is a humanist herself, she acknowledges that you don’t have to be humanist as well simply to have a humanist ceremony. Humanism is relevant to everyone, even the deeply and devoutly religious, because it is simply about celebrating life, love, and the interconnectedness between us all.

Vivienne Donnithorne 

marriage celebrants godalming

A truly great celebrant for anyone looking to celebrate their love and commitment who aren’t looking for a religion based  ceremony. Vivienne Donnithorne is a celebrant who really loves her work, and it shows. She has been conducting humanist ceremonies for over two decades, and in that time her passion for celebrating life and love through crafting bespoke ceremonies has never gone away. In her ceremonies, Vivienne likes to focus on the common values held among us all, focusing on humanity, family, warmth and love.

Annie Blampied 

marriage celebrants godalming

Leading up to the day Annie Blampied will help you fill out a questionnaire and plan according to the answers, to make sure that your ceremony is a truly special, unique ceremony that is just perfectly suited to your tastes. Annie is one of those special people who really understands what it is like to plan a wedding, and she will do everything in her power to make the process as smooth and stress free as she can, so that on the day you can relax, enjoy it and savour it and make it the magical dream event it is supposed to be.

Uk Celebrants

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These days with folks like UK Celebrants, you can hold your wedding ceremony literally anywhere, be it on the beach, in the forest, or in the intimacy of your home backyard. Don’t let the name fool you, they know how to get personal and give you an intimate, bespoke service that will make your day so much more special. With UK Celebrants you can create your own custom wedding in which you can talk about whatever you like, with the idea that UK Celebrants will help you get the words and style just right. You’re also not constrained to the classic kind of wedding venues as well.

Rachel Dale

marriage celebrants godalming

A long list of glowing testimonials prove the hype right – not only are Rachel Dale’s services all inclusive for any type of couple, they’re also delivered flawlessly. Rachel is a celebrant with a powerful presence. A skilled, professionally trained actress with a great eye for detail and a bubbly personality, Rachel works closely with couples to create special, intimate ceremonies that house truly memorable experiences, for all involved.

Mark Hayford

marriage celebrants godalming

Mark is another celebrant who came to the job from a solemn occasion, but it was a positive connection with the celebrant who inspired him that brought him over, and that celebrant is now a colleague and a friend. Mark finds conducting ceremonies, particularly weddings, moving and uplifting. Over a decade’s experience, and for Mark it never gets old.

Roxy Hotten

marriage celebrants godalming

An honest, refreshing and charmingly bubbly celebrant is Roxy Hotten. She writes and delivers ceremonies that are full of humour, life, unique aspects pertaining to each couple and their experience, but most of all, they’re full of love. A truly passionate individual who brings a streak of fresh fun to every ceremony, Roxy is the perfect celebrant for any young couple looking for someone who understands them and is listening.

Ros Curtis

marriage celebrants godalming

An honest and friendly humanist celebrant, with 13 years conducting ceremonies, Ros came to the industry through a solemn and tragic occasion – her own parents’ passing. What she noticed however, was the great comfort something as simple as a personalised, careful service delivered with love provided, and how it made everyone feel about celebrating the life of a lost loved one on the day. She researched,  and discovered that celebrants can also celebrate moments of great joy, conducting weddings and name givings as well as more solemn occasions, and has since gone on to develop a great passion for helping couples in love celebrate their special day.

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