Making the moment last forever

Photography is one of the most important things to me on our wedding day. It is what we are going to show our grand babies one day. It is what we will look at with such fond memories and it is what we will have forever so the memory will never fade. My sister is a great photographer and usually takes photos for every event and I did consider asking her to photograph the day for us and I knew she would have done a great job but I also knew that I needed a professional to capture this day. Someone who can edit it perfectly, someone who knows the lighting and who can see a great picture before it happens.


We don’t really have a list of images that we want but we do have moments that we know we want captured, these are going to be the most important shots for us. I went on the hunt for a photographer and to be honest I did have a mild heart attack when I saw costing but when I sat down with my now photographer to talk about the day and the possibility of them being our photographer… I fell in love. Their passion for photography and expertise in the industry had me hanging by baited breath. Then I saw their past work, it was all there in front us and it was so easy to see just how good they truly were. Every couples photos were so personal and different, they had so many styles and well again they were just so knowledgeable.


I walked out of Julian Meehan’s office feeling so confident in my decision and like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Sometimes price isn’t everything, sometimes it has to be about being perfect and that’s what this was… perfect!



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