Location, location, location!

Villa Capri Function Centre

Trying to choose our church and reception venues brought in our first real dilemma (well, for me anyway)

My mother wanted it at her local parish which is just down the road from where we live.

His parents wanted it at their local parish, which…YES, you guessed it..was just down the road from where they lived.

Between our 2 houses is a 25-30 minute drive, not taking into account people driving from other areas altogether.

So one way or the other, one side was going to be disappointed.

The morning “Tea Ceremony” was the decider. This happens first thing in the morning BEFORE the church ceremony

Because the tea ceremony ends at his parent’s house, we figured it was only logical that we choose a church closer to my in-laws.

We decided on Sacred Heart Church and locked it in for 11am.

I love the quaintness of this church and the prayer garden outside.

Now on to the reception…

Our decision to pick Villa Capri Function Centre (also in Cabramatta) was primarily due to our guest list.

A large majority of our 360 -400 guest lived out this way already. They could all be there in a jiffy!!

To make things easier for my side who now need to do the most traveling, we’re going to hire coaches to ferry them to & from the reception!!

This is ideal coz now everybody can eat, Drink (LOTS!), and be merry without the hassle of a long drive home!

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