Let there be light; Our DIY Unity Candles

Getting the stuff together to make our own Unity Candles

I found some great looking Unity candles (3 in a set) but to have them personalized would cost us a hefty $200…That’s not including the delivery either, so I’ve decided to make our own.

There are some great ways to do this. You can either print out your design on a nice sheet of stationary/invitation paper, which you then wrap around the candle.

OR print the design onto transparent decals that you can apply to the side of the actual candle.  I’ve decided to go with the 2nd option as I’ve found a decal supplier here in Sydney

All you really need to do is create a design template for your candles.

I’ve set up 3 templates on an A4 size sheet.  This means I can print off the design for the main candle & the 2 separate family candles off the one page.

Had fun personalising this with our little touch

From there it’s just a matter of soaking the printed decal label in lukewarm water till it separates from the backing paper and then sliding it onto the candle surface, dabbing it with tissue to dry it off and get rid of bubbles.

Then just decorating it with ribbons, rhinestone or whatever else tickles your fancy.

Hey Presto, the candles are done!

Our Unity Candle set – Total cost $54 which includes the 3 candles, the candle holders (top picture) and the decorations (black rhinestones & white silk-edged ribbon)

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