Let them eat cake?

So EasyWeddingites I am back – with a vengeance!  After taking some time off to let the wedding burn out fade away I am back in action and ready to finalise my wedding plans! Yes you heard right, my to do list is now down to:

The cake has been a point of contention for a while now. Craig at one point was gluten intolerant – so a traditional cake was out and we both liked the idea of a chocolate fountain. Then when Craig couldn’t promise me that he wouldn’t stick his head in it after a few beverages I canned the idea…

So when his belly sorted it self out – we decided on a sheet cake – nothing fancy but with my customised cake toppers on top.

Then I found some really simple but pretty cakes online and thought maybe we could get a nicer looking cake but nothing over the top?

And then today one of our wonderful forum girls decided to have apple pies! Which is such a gorgeous idea – but didn’t really fit us or our theme…So I started wondering – what else could we do instead of cake? Enter the handy interwebs and here’s what I’ve found so far!

wedding pie cake alternative

The idea that started it all – The wedding pie!

Truffle tower and Rice Crispy cake!

Truffle tower and Rice Crispy cake!


Profiterole or truffle tower?


Macaroon cake or Brownie tower anyone?

With all this inspiration I’m not sure how we are going to choose! So what do you all think? Should I go a traditional cake? Or be adventurous and try something different?

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