Ladies and gentlemen… my DJ!


We have been looking for our DJ and MC for a really long time. It is something that we wanted to make sure was perfect as music, more so dancing, has always been a big part of our relationship and this person is going to set the mood for the night. So many questions and not a lot of time to get answers.

  How do we choose someone without hearing their work?

          How will we know how they come dressed?

   How will we know if they will have all the latest music?

I am so glad that Easy Weddings has video’s on their profiles because some of the DJ’s have examples of their sets on there, so this marked off one of our criteria s “How will we know if they will have all the latest music?”.

After looking through our website I went to an expo, I had done this ages ago it has just taken me a very long time to actually book, bad Monica! I had been walking for ages and seen so many DJ’s, a lot of them seemed very amateur as well. I even had cases where I went to asks questions and they said that they don’t usually do this so I would have to email and ask… I was shocked especially as it happen on two occasions. Anyway, some of the DJ’s were set up with their decks, I think they are called, and had their samples on – these were the suppliers that I drifted to because I wanted to know how they were going to be on the day.

Instantly when I saw my DJ I was impressed. He marked of my next criteria “How will we know how they come dressed? “.He was suited up, had a team of people handing out flyers and chatting to brides, he had decks in the background playing their samples and more importantly he knew what he was talking about. He had been to the venue, played at the venue, he spoke very eloquently and had a good understanding of how a wedding needs to work. He showed me a playlist of their latest which marked off our final piece of criteria “How will we know if they will have all the latest music?”. SOLD!


I am so happy to have DJ Masters as my DJ/MC. They come with lights and a bubble machine, I get to chat with them before the wedding to make sure we are all on the same page and even better they were one of the DJ’s we had shortlisted from Easy Weddings.

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