Koh Phi Phi, only wish Leo was there too!

Remember that hottie Leo and the beautiful island he was filmed on for the movie “The Beach”

Well I can tell you now, that the vivid greens, pinks, reds of the flowers and the trees and the azure blue waters in that movie are ALL real!

The place is a true wonder to behold! If you go there then you really have to go snorkeling. Be sure to bring bread too (I’ll tell you why later).

It’s such an amazing experience to be swimming above the coral and seeing all the sea-life with your  own eyes instead of through the lens of somebody elses camera

While you’re down there, feed the fish. Hold out the bread that I mentioned and slowly let out small amounts. The best way is to have it in a bag so that it doesn’t break up and float away too quickly. I just ripped a little hole in my bag and pushed pieces of bread out through the hole.

Be prepared though, you’ll be swarmed as every fish within kicking distance starts darting at your hand to get in on the action.

After you’ve used up all your energy out in the sun, you head to the Phi Phi Island Hotel where you sit down at a shared table to sample the local dishes

This gives you a chance to meet other travellers both foreign or just from other parts of Thailand

Once you’re done with your meal, you can just walk it off around the markets. The alleys are tiny and there are SO many Diving tour shops open for business

If you aren’t staying on the island then at least do the full day tour. This means you get to cruise around all the islands with a tour guide, food and all the snorkelling gear provided.

But try and book a tour with one of the providors who actually transfers you onto a speedboat so that you can get out at Maya Beach.

We didn’t know this and so we missed out on following in Leo’s footsteps over at Maya beach, as well as tromping through these fantastic looking caves.

Oh well… There’s always next time.

A true wonder to behold

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