Kelly’s Valentine’s Day gift from beyond the grave

Valentine's Day surprise from beyond the grave

Kelly and Randy’s wedding photo. Image: PIX 11 news

An American woman whose husband died just one week earlier has received a surprise Valentine’s Day gift from beyond the grave.

Kelly Mattson’s husband of 24 years, Randy, passed away last week having suffered a massive heart attack while renovating the family home.

“His family had a history of heart problems.,” Kelly told Pix 11 News.”We were working on our bathroom and he was trying to carry things up and down the stairs when he shouldn’t have been.”

“I came home and found him, and it was just too late.”

After an “overwhelming” week, Kelly returned to work, only to find chocolates and a bunch of red roses waiting for her.

The accompanying note read: ‘Happy Valentine’s Day, Randy. P.S. Save some for me.’

“It’s not unlike him to give me flowers, but to do that, that far ahead and have it set up for me already was amazing,” Kelly told Pix 11 News.

“It really just doesn’t even surprise me that this happened. I almost would just look at him and say, I knew you would do something. I knew you would have that last ding, because that’s how he was,” Kelly added.

And it’s spurred her entire family into action:

“My sister told me that my brother-in-law got her 12 roses yesterday,” Kelly said.

“Didn’t say ‘I love you,’ didn’t say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ or anything, he just said, ‘I can’t let Randy outdo me.”

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