Keeping the bride's dress a secret from him!

Keeping her dress a secret from Donald was one of the biggest challenges for Kate. Source: N V Photography

We (She), picked out the brides dress this week, he’s not allowed to know about it, she has to keep it a secret.

He Says

Kate’s dress is, for me, one of those no-go zones. As far as I’m aware, it’s meant to be kept a secret, and I have done everything I can to keep it that way. All I want is to have her there on the day, I don’t mind if it’s in a wedding dress or her pyjamas, I just want my girl and I’ll be happy.

The only thing I know about the dress, is the cost. Which was a little over budget, but I don’t mind, the way I see it, its Kate’s special day (mine as well, but you know what I mean?) and I want her to have a great day. If that means a couple of extra dollars, then so be it.

She Says

The very first thing I did for the wedding was to look for my dress. My sister who is one of the bridesmaids came with me to have a look around and after trying on the first two dresses, things suddenly started to feel real and it clicked that I’m getting married! Very quickly I found a dress that I absolutely fell in love with.

The shop assistant helped me try on about ten other dresses of the same style, but none quite looked right in comparison and I ended up going with the dress I originally liked however I wanted to show my mum the dress before buying it, to get her opinion.

I brought my mum and the other two bridesmaids with me to see the dress and the first time my mum saw me in it, she was so happy she started crying. It wasn’t until about a year after buying that dress that we really started planning the wedding.

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