Enter the groom

So Craig’s involvement in the wedding planning so far can be summarised in two words…No tie.

Our wonderful reception coordinator – Stephanie from Elmswood Estate decided to fix that, by accident. When we went to have a tour of the winery she told us a story about a couple that used a sword to cut their cake – yes you read it right – a sword!

Cutting the Wedding Cake at the Reception

Not quite the image I had in mind for the cake cutting...

Needless to say my darling husband to be thought this was the best idea in the history of weddings and started thinking of which sword he would use…I however was not so enthusiastic – I had visions of ambulances and missing toes dancing around my head. So as a good “about to be married” couple; we compromised.  He is now on the hunt for a dagger or ornate knife as our cake cutting knife. I am sure this will yield some interesting results so I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

Craig also found our wedding rings. We both have a fascination with interesting jewellery and while searching for my engagement ring he came across a site that sold tungsten carbide rings in a matching set.  Tungsten carbide is three times stronger than steel and once formed it is very hard to break. Craig likes his symbolism. 🙂

And the other thing that Craig has to do – a part from showing up on time and dressed, is to find some tartan from his family. Are you intrigued? Excellent…

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