I've hired a band who don't like the idea of a string quartet kicking things off. What to do?

Extended question: We are thinking of having a string quartet as entertainment for canapés and pre-dinner drinks and that, rather than having the band we’ve hired play our bridal party entrance, the string quartet would play something and we could have our first dance immediately upon entrance.  We mentioned this to a band who did not seem very enthused by the idea. They think it will not create a party atmosphere. What do you think?

string quartet playing at wedding

To string quartet or not?

You can do whatever you wish. It is, after all, your wedding and if you want the string quartet to kick off proceedings, then you should absolutely have things run the way you the way you feel most comfortable.

It sounds as though the band want to kick things off with a bang and, given they’re likely very experienced in getting parties going, their concerns may be legitimate.

After all, as much as I adore classical music (and you obviously do, too), it’ s not every body’s cup of tea and the band will be concerned about your entrance and first dance not having the ‘bang’ and party feel that they’d like.

But on your wedding day, that doesn’t really matter. Your wedding reception needs to reflect you and your partner, so if a string quartet kicking things off does that, well, you should absolutely do it that way, especially if it suits your audience, the venue and your style of first-dance, too.

And, don’t forget, classical music doesn’t have to be slow or, as some people feel, boring. There’s some pretty darn funky (and very danceable) classical music out there, as well as modern and even techno versions of classics such as Pachabel’s Canon, a wedding favourite, as well as classics by Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi and Handel.

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