It's a date! Angelynn's 100-year-old family tradition

Talk about long-standing family traditions. When American couple Angelynn Perchermeier and Kyle Ray walked down the aisle of an Ohio church on September 9, they shared their big day with Angelynn’s grandparents, great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents, all of whom married on September 9 at some time during the past century.

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American couple Angelynn Perchermeier and Kyle Ray walked down the aisle on September 9, the same day the bride’s grandparents married 50 years earlier. Her great-grandparents also married on September 9 75 years ago and it was 100 years to the day that her great-great-grandparents took their vows as well!

On the day, her grandparents marked their 50th wedding anniversary and, had they been alive, her great-grandparents would have celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary. The day also marked exactly 100 years since her great-great-grandparents walked down the aisle.

“There’s a lot of tradition and a lot of love in our family connected to Sept. 9,” Angelynn told a local newspaper.

Her new hubby added, “This date is not just about us, it’s about the people who got married on this day before us. And it’s about continuing this tradition. I hope our kids get married on Sept. 9.”

Unfortunately for the family line, the century-old tradition was skipped by Angelynn’s parents, but only because the date fell on a weekday.

We reckon it’s an ingenious way to help the blokes in the family remember their wedding anniversary!

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