Including pets in your wedding day

We’re sure that your pet is awesome. From dogs and cats to more unusual feathered and scaly critters, we all love our pets! It makes sense, then, to give your four-legged friend a role in your wedding. But how do you incorporate your beloved puggle or pony into the day? Some venues might not want to risk any animal related accidents or your ancient but much-adored moggy might not be one for performing. Don’t worry, there are lots of ways to include your favourite animal in your wedding day. From a starring role in the stationary to a more active role in the wedding party, check out the ideas below to make your pet part of the day.

Ring bearer

If your pet is small enough (and well behaved enough) to make it into the ceremony venue then they could perform as the ring bearer. Add rings to a pouch around their neck and then go as bold as you dare on their wedding outfit. A dog in a tuxedo or cat in a tutu is bound to raise a smile amongst your wedding guests and add an element of fun to your service. Beware though, not all venues are going to be down with animal involvement so check ahead of time. A celebrant led service may give you more flexibility when it comes to involving your pet in your ceremony.


Aisle attendant

Want to really put the spotlight on your favourite animal? How about they walk down the aisle either with the bride, the bride and her father or even you as a couple? The rules are shifting when it comes to ceremony entrances and if you really want to make your pet central to your day this is a lovely way to go about it. The same rules apply as above, so check ahead with the ceremony venue.

pets in your wedding

Photo op

Sometimes as much as you want to include your favourite animal directly in your day, it’s just not possible. It could be, that for larger animals like donkeys or goats, they are simply too big or too unruly to fit into the ceremony or venue. It may be that your pet isn’t much of a performer and would be uncomfortable or stressed taking part in a large event. In this case, reduce the pressure on them and you by having them involved in a series of photos before returning to their comfortable home environment. Use decorated harnesses, flower garlands or animal sized formal wear to add a sense of occasion to your photographs.

Wedding Stationary

If you have chosen a destination wedding or it’s not feasible to have your pet around at all on the day you can involve them from afar. Make them an integral part of your wedding stationary and reflect their importance to you throughout your wedding preparation and beyond. Use their silhouette as a wedding decal for everything from the Save the Dates to Thank You cards and ensure they are part of the fabric of your wedding day.

By EJRDesigns

By EJRDesigns


Design a sweet treat around your pet to create unique and utterly individual favours your guests will love. You can even include a note from your pet to accompany the favour and add a touch of humour to the day. Choose sweets or cupcakes imprinted with their image or designed in the shape of animal treats to run with this theme.

Table names

If you and your partner are serious animal lovers, it could be that more than one pet has a special place in your heart. In this case, why not theme each of your tables around a favourite animal companion? You can name it in their honour, accessorise it with their image or items they love and have a lot of fun personalising your wedding with this idea. One cute concept is to get masks printed with your pet’s face so guests can pose for silly pictures that make you feel some of your favourite animal friends were part of the party.

Make your wedding day about the people and animals you love by including your pet in your wedding party or theming. Keep ideas within their comfort zone and make your big day all the more special with your pets in your wedding!

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