I'm marrying for the second time. Can I still wear white?

Can I wear a white wedding dress at my wedding?

I’m re-marrying next year in far happier circumstances than my first wedding. I’m really looking forward to wearing a big, fluffy white dress (again), but can I wear white the second time around?

Darling, you can wear a green gown with purple polka dots if you so wish.

Yes, traditionally in the West, white was worn by a bride to symbolise her ‘purity’/virginity but, not withstanding the fact you’ve been married before, these days, many, many women aren’t virgins when they walk down the aisle and, if they couldn’t wear white, well, there’d be a lot more cream and off-white gowns for sale.

For many people, certainly here in the West, it has been a long time since it was considered necessary that a woman be a virgin on her wedding day, so you’re in the clear.

White wedding dresses are a beautiful part of the grand (and modern) Western wedding tradition, just as red saris are a part of the Hindu wedding tradition (where, in fact, a white sari is a sign of widowhood).

So, yes, you most certainly can wear white and there is nothing wrong with wanting to celebrate a joyful occasion in a big way.

I hope your second marriage is absolutely wonderful and that you and your groom dance until dawn (or until all the tulle falls off your dress).

And, be it your wedding or a party frock, wear what you want to wear, how you want to wear it. Don’t let your age, societal status or someone else’s opinion determine your rightful place in the universe.


Happy wedding planning!

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