How we met: Kate & Donald

(21, Aged Care & Child Care) and Donald (22, Student & Software Developer)
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Approximate Wedding date: 4th February, 2012
Wedding location: Adelaide, SA

Going on almost four years ago now, Kate lived in Adelaide while I lived in Mt Gambier. Being in the IT industry, I’m virtually always on the computer and the internet, and because of this I had a MySpace account just as many did at the time. One day I logged on to a new friend request, which just so happened to be from Kate. We had one friend in common, who was a friend of Kate’s from Adelaide and who had randomly added me as we had no connection prior. After accepting Kate’s request, we started posting comments on each other’s Spaces and eventually we swapped MSN email addresses and began talking to each other via instant messaging.

As the months went on we ended up talking quite often and one day I had to go to work, so I thought “Why not ask for her number?” and we could keep in contact while we were both out and about. Kate happily provided hers and I gave her a call. I still remember one of the first things I said to her, “Wow, your voice is as pretty as you look”, which was a little flirty now that I think about it! A couple of months later, a friend of mine who had recently moved up near Adelaide invited me and a friend to visit and as my friend couldn’t make it, I decided to pack my bags and head up for the weekend. While in the area, I asked Kate if she would like to meet and see a movie and thankfully she agreed.

Due to the distance between Adelaide and Mt Gambier, I wasn’t expecting anything more than a close friendship, but as soon as I met her, there was something about her that took my full attention. The night I first met Kate in person, I arrived at her place with my car, and she gave me directions to the cinema. We were both fairly quiet and shy on the drive, but after the movie Kate pointed out to me, “You still haven’t given me a hug yet”, which was true as I was a lot shyer back then. So we hugged and headed back to the car so I could take her home. Once we arrived out the front of Kate’s house, we opened up a bit more and really started chatting. We ended up talking for about 4-5 hours until the early hours of the morning, which came abruptly to an end when Kate’s mum decided to turn Kate’s bedroom light on and off to get our attention from outside.

That night on the drive home, all I could think about was Kate and if we would ever see each other again. From then on, I took every weekend off to take a drive to Adelaide and see Kate. It was about a month after I first met her when we became a couple, and then 3 months after that I moved to Adelaide to study, and we have been inseparable ever since!

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