Who says you don't meet nice boys at nightclubs?

How we met: Kate and Craig

How we met: Kate and Craig

Name: Kate, 24 Sales assistant and Craig, 23, Dockie
Location: Perth, WA
Wedding date: April 7, 2012
Wedding location: Burswood, WA

I was holidaying in Melbourne in July, 2008 and, one Saturday night some girlfriends and I decided to hit a local club. When we arrived, the bouncer, Craig, let everyone through – except me.

My “friends” all went in not even realising I’d been left behind and, as you can imagine, I wasn’t too happy, until I realised why he had pulled me aside. Craig asked for my number and whether I’d like to stay around for drinks after the bar closed in a few hours’ time. I said yes, even though I was on holidays, because I didn’t think he’d let me into the club if I said no!

We had a fantastic time that late morning, drinks started at 1 am and we spoke on the phone every day for the next year. I was able to fly down from Perth once during that period, but eventually it became too much. We hated being apart and, eventually, Craig moved from Melbourne to Perth.

We lived together for about a year and, one evening, he organised a lovely, romantic dinner at my favourite restaurant, Fraser’s, but I was so tired from working all day, that I cancelled opting for a casual dinner at home. Little did I know, Craig had spent weeks searching for the perfect ring and organising things and intended to propose that night.

We ended up munching on pizza while watching movies in the dark.

The excitement was all too much for Craig, who, by the glow of the TV, whipped out a ring. I couldn’t see a thing and asked, “What is it?”

He placed it on my finger (by now, I’d finally realised what was happening) and we both burst out laughing when I said, “YES!”

We’ve been engaged for about a year and are tying the knot on April 7 next year (2012).

We’ve planned a cocktail-style wedding for 150 of our friends and family to help us celebrate. Our wedding cake will be made of cupcakes to fit the theme and we have a fairly large bridal party consiting of four bridesmaids and four groomsmen.

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