He Says, She Says: We were after-high school sweethearts

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Jared and I met in high school and became great friends, but I would actually call us ‘after high-school sweethearts’.

We officially got together after high school but our friendship formed over many years..

We would often walk home from school together, then sit in the gutter in front of his house chatting for hours. His neighbours still make fun of us – and it’s been nine years.

I can’t remember what we would talk about and had no idea at the time what it would eventually lead too but he even made me a mixed tape, so I should have known then, really.

I can’t remember the exact moment when things changed and, because we had been such good friends for so long (Jared will hate me for saying this) at the start, the thought of us kissing was kinda gross really, but it is truly amazing how such a close friendship really can be a great foundation for a wonderful relationship.

We are so happy now that I can’t imagine anyone else in my life. Oh, and he still mixes music for me but now he does it via playlists on my iPod!

One of our earlier photos


Jess and I officially met in Year Seven at Fairhills High School in Melbourne.

My brother, being three years older, had a circle of friends that Jess’ best friend (and maid of honour) was attached too.

So, she and I had become mates early on and it didn’t take long until Jess and I had our own special bond.

By the time we were in Year Eight, we were best friends and I had never (and will never) meet a girl that I can talk to the way I can talk to Jess.

The walks home from school is where I began to discover just how wonderful this girl is. She’s the coolest chick ever and we would sit on the curb in front of my parents’ house and time would melt away.

We talked, usually utter nonsense but it was fantastic, the best part of every day.

Yes, that is where our bond started. We owe it to nonsense conversations and to that curb.

They remain some of my happiest moments in life.

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