How we met – Alva & Christie

Name: Christie (age, occupation)  and Alvas (age, occupation)
Location: XXx, Australia and XXX, England
Wedding date: September 16, 2011
Wedding location: Govetts Leap in the Blue Mountains, NSW

My husband-to-be and I didn’t have your usual hook-up, in a pub or via a blind date. We met through the computer, though not through an online dating site, as you’d expect.

We met by playing Evony, a massive online medieval war game. I had been playing Evony since December, 2009 and was in an alliance called 4Ever (rather appropriate I think now). Alva, who lived in XXX,  signed up in July, 2010 and joined the 4Ever alliance and, naturally, we had reason to chat now and then and, eventually, we started chatting via Skype.

He says he fell in love with my Aussie accent, but I had no idea at the time! It wasn’t until one of my friends, a fellow alliance member, hinted that she knew somebody who liked me. I was shocked, but also a little excited that someone did!

It turned out to be Alva, which was a huge surprise to me because we’re both quite I asked who it was and she had told me .it came as a shock as we were Skype friends and we all talked in a room but he was very quiet and had not said much to me but I was the same so to me it seemed normal. To start off we were both quite shy as I had come out of a bad relationship and was only looking for friendship but that soon changed as we got to know each other and fell in love.

Alva came over to see me in March this year .. this was a big step for Alva as he had never flown before let alone come 16891 km’s on his first trip to meet his princess he had never met in person before and while I knew he was going to ask me to marry him it still came as a complete surprise when he did it and how he did it … He left it until the day before he was due to fly back to England I had to go out so I asked him to get his laundry for me to wash when I got back on my return he told me he had forgot and it was all still on the bed so I went up to my bedroom where on the bed was the ring surround by rose petals in a shape of a heart (he had used the roses he had sent me for valentines day which I had dried out) and under the ring he had spelt with the rose petals will you marry me mind you I did not notice this as I was to busy looking at the ring and told him he had to get down on one knee and ask he then asked me if I had noticed what he had spelt out … ooops but he did get down on one knee all the same as well

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