How to use chinese spoons at your wedding

Chinese spoons are ideal for a adding some modern flair to your wedding whether they’re used by the caterers to serve canapés or placed on the tables as wedding favours. Here are some great ways to use Chinese spoons in your wedding reception:

chinese spoons

Chinese spoons are generally made of plain white porcelain – although modern spoons are sometimes made from metal – and you can also find them in a range of traditional and modern oriental designs and colours. They entail a wide, usually flat bowl and a curved handle.

These chunky spoons originate in China as the name implies. They are part of everyday dining alongside chopsticks, and are particularly useful when consuming rice or soup. When Chinese spoons are used for soups the liquid is sipped from one side just like if you were using a cup. When these spoons are used for solid food, the user holds the spoon close to their mouth and then picks up the food using chopsticks. At western weddings guests usually eat out of them as they would regular spoons.

Use your Chinese spoons to present bite sized portions of different dishes as appetisers or canapés at your wedding. Foods can be sweet or savoury and are organised in single mouthfuls, one on each spoon cup. The spoons are placed on trays or circular plates and are served to guests. This ensures the arrangement and presentation of the canapés is very beautiful, and is an easy way for guests to eat delicious appetisers without using plates or cutlery.

chinese spoons

Chinese spoon appetizers are at their best when they involve a piece of solid food covered in a sauce or soup. Here are some of the best canapés for Chinese spoons:

Four options for sweet Chinese spoon canapés

  • A chocolate truffle in raspberry sauce
  • A small strawberry in chocolate sauce
  • A mini toffee and pecan sponge in maple syrup
  • A single portion of caramelised crème brulee

Four options for savoury Chinese spoon canapés

  • A piece of curried chicken in mango syrup
  • A single portion of tortellini in a warm soup
  • A tiny bacon wrapped scallop in sesame sauce
  • A single meatball in a hot tomato sauce

Chinese spoons as wedding favours

Chinese spoons make stunning wedding favours, especially if you are organising an Oriental inspired wedding. Select unusually shaped or very decorative spoons that can be filled with chocolates or sweets. You could even include Asian spices in the bowl of the spoon and tie recipe ideas to the handle.

Your Chinese spoon favour and its contents can be placed inside in a clear cellophane bag with a complementary ribbon. Alternatively, place your Chinese spoon wedding favours in a circle in the middle of each table for your guests to choose and you will add an interesting feature to the table – highlighting your table centrepieces.

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