How to celebrate Valentine’s Day – without celebrating Valentine’s Day


While many couples revel in celebrating Valentine’s Day, there are just as many who either don’t celebrate it or flat out refuse to do so. But, even if you and your significant other say you won’t be exchanging gifts or succumbing to how commercial February 14 has become, there are still plenty of little and lovely ways to celebrate your love for each other – without actually celebrating it or going all out.

Have a romantic movie night

There’s nothing more relaxing, yet still romantic, than cuddling up on the couch with your partner to watch a sweet and soppy romantic movie. Grab the popcorn and chocolate, and go for a little nostalgia: re-watch the very first movie you both watched together – or something that holds significance for the two of you as a couple.

Have an at-home picnic

Instead of serving up a romantic dinner, set up a picnic in your lounge room or on your lawn outside your home. Oh, and by ‘setup,’ we mean place a blanket on the ground! If you’re outside, you can spend a few minutes star gazing together or, if you’re indoors, grab a few pillows and flick on the TV to watch a movie.


Add a little romance to dinner, even if it is just at home

Everyone needs to eat dinner – even on Valentine’s Day. Instead of just popping your meal in the over and serving it up, perhaps you could set the dining room table with your best crockery and cutlery and have a little mood music playing in the background. You can’t go wrong with candles, especially if what’s on your plate is your partner’s favourite meal.

Get in a workout together

If you need to get your daily workout in, rather than hitting the gym, go for a run or hike with your loved one. Plan to be outside at sunset and head to a vantage point where you can watch the sun go down alone.

You may even be able to steal a sweaty kiss.

Breakfast in bed

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so, given you’re probably more than familiar with what your partner likes to eat in the morning, serve it up to them in bed rather than in the kitchen. Whether you take your loved one a bowl of Cornflakes or eggs on toast with a cup of coffee, they’ll love it.

Carpool karaoke

Whether you’re driving home form work, or heading to the grocery store with your partner, turn up the volume in your  car, and have a little carpool karaoke session. It would help if you had a mix tape of your favourite song at the ready so that you can belt out your favourite tunes – and duets – together. It will add a spark of romance to an otherwise typical day.=

Bath time

Soaking in a warm bubble bath is one of the most soothing and relaxing things you can do after a long day of work – or fun. But instead of doing it alone, invite your significant other to join you.

Slip in a gentle massage

Whether your loved one is sitting around watching TV, playing a video game or doing some around the house, sidle up to them, wrap your arms around them gently and, with warm, loving hands, give him a gentle, impromptu massage. It may just be a nice rub of their hands, or a soft scalp massage. It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s soft and loving contact with the person you love.

What ways are you – or aren’t you – celebrating love with your Valentine?

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