How can I grow my hair for my wedding?

How can I grow my hair for my wedding? It’s a question that hairstylists often get asked by brides keen to achieve a feminine long-haired look for their big day. Well here is some practical advice on growing your hair long before the wedding, or faking it if you don’t have the time.

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It can be difficult to judge exactly how long you need to grow your hair in order to achieve a certain look. For the loose wavy style that is currently in vogue, stylists advise hair grown down to the shoulder blades whereas for an up do hair just needs to be shoulder length.

Here are five top tips on stimulating hair growth if you have plenty of time before your wedding:

  1. Improve circulation
    Exercising regularly will improve your circulation and improve hair growth, pumping more oxygen to your scalp and hair follicles.
  2. Maintain your energy levels
    Eat healthy snacks such as nuts, yoghurt, and cereals. Most brides attempt to lose weight before the wedding day but crash dieting can stop your hair from growing and even make you lose hair.
  3. Drink lots of water
    If you are dehydrated your hair will grow slowly and will also be more brittle and prone to breaking.
  4. Go for a head massage
    Regular head massage can stimulate circulation in the scalp which promotes hair growth. They’re also pretty relaxing when you’re in the midst of planning a wedding!
  5. Have plenty of rest
    It may be difficult to get the recommended eight hours of sleep a night when you have a wedding to organise, but rest will help you to grow long healthy hair.

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If you don’t have time or patience to grow your hair before the wedding here are three ways to create the illusion of long hair:

Get hair extensions

With hair extensions sections of real hair are attached to the roots of your own hair to create the appearance of long hair. Hair extensions are also the longest lasting type of fake long hair, so you can wear them on your honeymoon as well, and if you want to have your hair loose on your wedding day, hair extensions are possibly the best choice.

Wear a hair piece

Hair pieces are a great way to create a bouncy ponytail, or to increase the volume of your style if you are wearing a half up do. Hair pieces are instantly clipped into your natural hair and are most effective when it comes to adding volume to fine hair. They can be dyed and curled to match your own hair.

Use a fake bun

A fake bun resembles a doughnut that a ponytail is pushed through. The ponytail is then wrapped around the bun to cover it up and pinned in place. Even if you have long hair, a fake bun can add volume and fullness to wear with a bun wrap or tiara and veil. A bun is a very popular wedding hairstyle for modern brides because it is elegant but stays in place all day. A sleek high bun really emphasises the neck and cheekbones.

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