From an ugly duckling to a glowing bride

An artist at work

Hair and Makeup! These two things had me staying awake all night at one stage.

I remember so clearly when the sleepless nights started happening. That day started off with a drive to Bondi where I was booked in for a makeup trial.

To make matters worse, It was a stinking hot day, so  my skin was all sweaty by the time we arrived at the destination and battling traffic to get there hadn’t done much to improve my already crabby mood

The makeup artist did a great job on my face, so what I experienced next was what influenced our decision to bring Martha Mok (D’Makeupstation) on board

I won’t mention the name of the first artist as she like I said did a great job, but I guess the products just weren’t as great as the artist was

Looking good is one thing, but anhour after I’d left Bondi, I was already wiping away black smudges under my eyes and my face was just one oily mess

The rest of the night was just a constant trip to the bathroom to cleanup more eyeliner smudges and the foundation seemed to have all disappeared

My night out was a total of about 4 hours of eating, drinking and CONSTANT makeup touch-up breaks.

Now makeup and how to apply it is NOT my forte, so this was a horrible feeling for me.

How often would I need to go to the bathroom to fix it up and would the smudges show up in most of our wedding pictures if this is what was in store for us?

I heard about Martha from a girlfriend who worked with me and one standout service Martha offers is her ALL DAY SERVICE!

She’s great at the whole “natural” look and was awesome when it came to creating 4 different hairstyles for me to wear throughout the day

Looking great and still recognisable

I’ve since had her do my makeup for our trash the dress shoot and that was using a fashion makeup style rather than bridal, but that proved to me that she was an artist of considerable talent!

Our bridal party will be well looked after by our unofficial silent bridesmaid. She’s doing my mother’s makeup and all the bridesmaids as well our flower-girl.

Oh and not forgetting, she’s even going to be maintaining the grooms appearance.

Martha’s going to be there by our side from the early morning right through till 10pm. So definitely no running off to the loo for makeup checks or bugging my bridesmaids to fix it for me when we’re at our location shoot.

I can just sit back, relax and know that I’m in good hands and that I’ll be looking my best THROUGHOUT the day.

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