Guys also want to look good!

Donald and Kate, shapping up for their big day!

We, just like everyone else, have goals for what we look like on the wedding day. For Kate, it’s that bikini body you can flaunt on the beach, for me it’s being buff and having that rippling six-pack you see on models and in movies. We are 5 months into the new year, and here is how we have gone so far.

If you would like to see how we progress along the way, you can view either Kate’s or Donald’s BodySpace.

He Says

Everyone has a goal for what they want to look like on their wedding day don’t they? That’s the impression I get, especially when virtually every wedding magazine has at least one section on shedding those extra kilos. Well what about the guy? Heck, I have a goal too! I want to be big and muscular, I want Kate to see me on the wedding day and have her thinking “wow”.

I’ve always been a casual weight lifter just to keep up my strength as I am in IT and I sit at a computer all day and when I came to Adelaide I was a measly 60kg (I’m only 5’8/9 while Kate is 5’10/11), my BMI was on the lower scale of ideal. Between the move to Adelaide and the start of this year, I ended up gaining 10kg without really noticing. That’s great, but that put my BMI at the middle of ideal and I was looking average as opposed to skinny.

At the start of the year, I decided that if I want to look the way I want for the wedding day, I have to start doing something about it. So I decided to join a gym with a mate (one of the groomsmen), which I attend 3-4 times a week religiously (please don’t take that the wrong way, I am religious and proud).

In the first 3 months of this year, I have gained a solid 10kg of muscle, which is great; I’m loving the compliments I get and loving looking in the mirror. But my goal was to gain 20kg of muscle and tone up; I want a six-pack on the wedding day!

Now we are 5 months on, and I am on track with a solid gain of 15kg, giving me until about October (six months) to gain the extra 5kg or more (I hope more!) of muscle before spending approximately 3 months toning up.

When I started in January I went to a health shop to get a protein shake to supplement my diet and workout regime, and after chatting with the sales guy on many occasions, I have learnt that there is so much you can do to look how you want. For example, there is a product which for 24 hours or so, will strip your body (male or female) of all excess water, letting guys show that six-pack and letting women drop a sudden dress size or two just for the day. But we will see about that closer to the wedding day. It sounds a bit scary and I’m hoping that 3 months is plenty to tone up.

I’m surprised most men don’t do anything about their body-shape for the wedding day, especially when the women often lose 5 kg to 10 kg, even up to 20kg or more! I’ve always wanted a good body, something impressive, and this has given me the motivation to do so, so why don’t others want to impress their girls? Or do they, and we just don’t know?

She Says

Just before Donald and I met for the first time, I had gone through a sudden loss of 32kg. As we fell in love and became more comfortable with each other, my bad eating habits from when I was younger started to come back and I began to exercise less.

After a year together, Donald popped the question and always having a camera on me, I took photos on the day. About four months later I began looking back over the photos and started to realize that all the weight that I had initially lost before we met, had all been virtually put back on. Donald’s polite and probably noticed, but he never mentioned anything to me and just kept treating me the same.

But I didn’t like that I was looking how I used to so I began getting back into my healthy eating and exercise. I was really pleased with my efforts, managing to lose the 32kg a second time, and I have kept it off now for almost a year. I fit into my dress perfectly now, which is a size 12 and I am happy with how I look in it, but I have never worn a bikini before, and I want to lose this last 10-15kg so that I will be a healthy weight for the first time in my life.

I also want a honeymoon somewhere tropical with nice beaches and warm weather, so I really want to be in a bikini!

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