Grecian goddess inspired bridesmaid gowns

Grecian goddess: How gorgeous is this dress?

It’s funny how we start of with an idea in our minds of what we do and don’t like, only to find our final choices making a beeline for the opposite direction to where we were headed.

My number 1 thing was I didn’t want long gowns for my Bridesmaids. I think it was less because of what I actually wanted & more due to a comment that someone had made before, about long gowns making people look older.

When my mum suggested the long gowns, I vehemently rejected the idea, giving her all the reasons in the world, as to why the bridesmaids couldn’t wear long gowns.

One of my bridesmaids is my 12 year old daughter. She’s going to be my junior bridesmaid. I needed something that would suit her too. To make things more difficult, I wanted all 3 girls to wear the same dress.

It’s a good thing she’s also extremely tall. She’s stands just over an inch over me, so the dress length won’t be so much of an issue and at her height, she could be fitted into any number of the bridesmaid dresses that are out there.

I had my eyes on something like this number

Henri Josef "Lee"

But I had my misgivings because to me, it wouldn’t look complete unless you had a nice pair of strappy heels to go with it. Heels were a definite NO-NO for Tyra. I mean cmon! a 12 year old in heels just doesn’t seem right to me.

So where did that leave me now…I went back to the drawing board and started brainstorming with myself again..BIG MISTAKE! What I should have done was discuss this with my bridesmaid’s straight away. The girls would’ve been able to look at gowns with an open mindedness that I didn’t have, as I was already locked into my own idea of the perfect bridesmaid gown.

Anna & Jen both know Tyra and they also know how tall she is. So it wasn’t long before I had a call from Jen telling me she had found a “possible dress” BUT it was LONG…

Tempted to say NO, I held back and thought “what’s there to lose” by just looking. So look I did! My adversity to the long gowns quickly disappeared after that! The gown was ideal!! It would flatter all the girls and yet still leave Tyra with her 12 year old innocence. The heels weren’t an issue either, as Tyra could pair this dress up with a nice pair of gold strappy flat sandals, while the older girls wore strappy heels.

So after eating my words and calling mum  to tell her about the “long” gown and showing her a picture, then checking with my other bridesmaid. the final consensus was that we HAD to get this dress!

Not really looking forward to the damage this was going to cost to our wallets, I asked Jen to get me the dress cost! Surprise, surprise it was less than half of what I’d expected to spend originally for a gown. At about $90 per gown, this dress was a BARGAIN!! Certainly ALOT cheaper than the $200-$300 price tags I’d seen in various Sydney stores.

We ordered the dress from the UK based ASOS website and it wasn’t long at all before we had it in our hot little hands!

All the girls looked as great as I thought they would and Tyra maintained her childish looks.

Not only did we find the dress, but it also gave me the theme on which to base their hairstyles and accessories on.

In my mind I was now looking at 3 Grecian Goddesses!

Eat your heart out, Aphrodite!…

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