Got my cake cutting gown. YAY! I'm going to be a Grecian Goddess

My turn to be a Grecian Goddess

I’ve only ever seen this idea of a “Cake Cutting” gown at Vietnamese weddings. I “think” it’s just their spin on the “going away” outfits that are more common in westernised weddings.

I’d originally green for my bridesmaids, but when that idea fell through, I was lucky enough to find this dress, so I guess it just must have been fate deciding for me.

Phuong chose this beauty for me too after we stopped in at the Vision In White store located in Parramatta, NSW.

We were actually in there looking to get dress, suit and color ideas for our Bridal Party and then the woman pulled out this gown which Phuong quickly pointed out was perfect for me AND it was green

It met all the requirements I’d already pre-determined for my “Cake Cutting” gown

  • Empire Style
  • Flow nice and softly along my body
  • Not tight and figure hugging
  • Must have straps
  • Lace up back

The lace up back actually came afterwards because I was lucky enough to get in contact with the designer himself  Henri Roth, after emailing their Surry Hills store for advice on having the dress altered

I’ve always been abit wider up top and I wanted the extra room so that I wouldn’t need to worry about any unsightly folds of of fat hanging out over the side of my bodice

Henri’s suggestion was to replace the zipper with a lace up back panel, which turned out great.

Henry suggested replacing the zipper back, with a Lace-Up back

The dress fits even better now and I don’t need to worry about putting on or loosing weight as I’ll be able to adjust the lacings on the day to fit accordingly

I’ve also got a nice pair of  heels that will work perfectly with the gown and my bridal bling won’t look out of place either.

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