Going above and beyond!

One of the favourite parts of our wedding has got to be, hands down, our celebrant; David Schneider of Professional Ceremonies.

David is easy going, knowledgeable and pretty funny – but don’t tell him I said that.  I have had the pleasure of working with David from both sides of the industry. So picking a celebrant was like falling over, I didn’t really have to try!

David always jokes that my strategy for finding a celebrant was the most interesting one he has come across, email them ask a few questions and then stalk them through work for 18 months til you’re ready to get married – I didn’t do this on purpose, but I do highly recommend it! It worked for me.

Before we even decided to get married, I always enjoyed chatting with David, there is never a dull moment! Some of his more memorable weddings include babysitting butterflies for a couple so they could be released at the wedding the next day,  trying to rescue a dehydrated groom as he faints during the ceremony and consoling a very teary groom as he dripped over the marriage certificate!

Professional Ceremonies - David Schneider

Of course not all of his weddings are as eventful, he assures me that out of the 100 odd weddings he performs a year, there are only a few that require him to go above and beyond the call of duty.

Craig and I refer to David as the Super Celebrant, there is no wedding to big or too small and he always takes everything in his stride! From stepping in to help out other celebrants who are unable to fulfill their bookings due to ill health or helping out a bride and groom with wedding details when they aren’t able to, David takes his job very seriously.

David is one of the more tech-savvy celebrants I have met –  he has helped develop an ipod app that allows him to control the ceremony music – so he can start the processional music as he sees the bridal party ready to walk down the aisle, he can cue extra music if the register signing is taking longer than expected…I’m pretty sure the only thing he can’t do is stop it from raining!

Although…He was recently performing a wedding out at St Kilda Pier, and just as the bride and groom start to sign the register, with “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” playing in the background, a rainbow appeared!  Which is a pretty nifty trick to have as a celebrant!

Professional Ceremonies - David Schneider

Craig and I are both quite nervous about the wedding but David has been amazing at making planning the ceremony a stress free process, we are really looking forward to it now.

So if you still haven’t found your celebrant make sure you call David, he might not be able to summon any more rainbows but I am certain he will help make your day truly memorable.

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