OMG, I'm really getting married!

I heard something the other day that had me bawling like a baby…it caught me completely off guard!!

Phuong was youtubing clips and music..He’s taken it upon himself to choose our wedding music.. good thing he’s choosing, otherwise I’ll probably go for all the old school stuff that nobody’s ever heard before…

wedding aisle songs

So here I am, minding my own business, just reading a book, when Phuong brings over the laptop and says listen to this!!..So I start listening & he starts talking..

Phuong – “Whatdya think of this for your aisle song?”

Me – “Aisle song?? you mean to walk up the aisle?”

Phuong – “Yeah”

Me – “Sounds good to me”

Now of course I wasn’t really listening all that hard, nor was I focusing too much on it at the time..I was too engrossed in the book I was reading..

As with most songs, this one had SOOOO many versions around, that Phuong just kept replaying the same song over..

Hearing it over & over again, eventually got my undivided attention, so I put the book down and I started REALLY listening.

THEN I started picturing the actual day, with the song playing and me walking down that aisle!!

I don’t know what came over me after that… I just had the strangest feeling of being overwhelmed, followed right after with the waterworks!!

After all these months, it hit me!!

“OMG I really, REALLY am getting married!!”…more blubbering here & Phuong freaking out, wondering what was wrong with me..

Geez Louis, I’d had months to get used to the idea!!!..I think just hearing the music sort of hammered it all in for me..This wasn’t a dream & it was well and truly happening!!

Phuong & I just laughed about it after I’d told him. He thought it was hilarious..I mean imagine what’s gonna happen on the day!! I’ll be an emotional wreck!!

Well maybe not!, I’ve listened to the songs heaps of times since then, so I can get used to hearing it, then just MAYBE it won’t have such a big effect on me during the actual ceremony..sort of practicing in my head I guess…

If the practice doesn’t pay off, then I’ll be a panda-eyed, emotional bride when those first bars of music start!!

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