Foods for fat loss

As winter approaches it’s likely that more of us will tend to eat those winter warming foods that taste so good at the time but leave us with a bitter taste in our mouths come August/ September when the weather starts to heat up and the swimsuit makes its return!

It is a common misconception that a build up of body fat around the mid section is going to disappear with a 1001 sit ups. It’s simply not the case. You can have a super strong mid section but you’re never going to see it if there is too much bodyfat covering it!

The body fat is actually your body sending you a “cry for help”. The human body was not designed to consume artificial, chemically engineered products. Processed poor quality foods that are full of additives, chemical emulsifiers and colourings can be tolerated by the body for a certain period of time but there comes a point when your intestine becomes intolerant. Over time the frequency of “CRAP” (Caffeine, Refined processed foods, Alcohol and Processed food) we consume can cause irreparable damage to the digestive system and these chemicals that the body can no longer break down start to block up the body and make it harder and harder to drop body fat.

Everyone is out there buying these so called “healthy options” pre-packaged produce that is crammed full of additives and preservatives and loaded with poor quality ingredients that cannot be digested. Then they wonder why they can’t get the flat stomach they have been striving for even though their busting their backsides at the gym! In the lead up to the big day it’s important that if you want to be lean you need to keep it clean!

Here are the changes you need to make for that flat stomach on your big day:

– Consider the labels of the foods you are choosing to buy: the longer the shelf life the more artificial ingredients it is likely to contain.

– If the label comprises more chemical compounds, e-numbers and unpronounceable words than genuine ingredients; the chances are your digestive system will have the same trouble in processing them as your brain did in deciphering the contents.

– Wherever possible go natural and organic, aim to prepare and cook your own meals with wholesome natural ingredients.

– Be selective about where you get takeout food from; ask what kind of ingredients they use and whether they are fresh, wholesome or organic.

So what should we do?

– Opt for a diet high in protein, good fats and unprocessed carbohydrates. Fats do not make you fat, sugar does!

– Shop at your local farmers markets! Your farmers markets are the best source of food you can get. Have you ever notice those apples you buy from the supermarket last longer than the last car you bought (well not that long but a very long time)…. They shouldn’t. Good quality fruit and veg needs to be eaten within a week.

– Consuming up to 6 small balanced meals and snacks a day allows you to keep energy levels constant and your body does not feel the need to store usable energy as fat. (Be careful in changing your meal plan from 3 – 6 daily – do not double your daily intake!)

Treat your body like a high performance car; provide it with a regular supply of good quality fuel and service it regularly for optimum results. I hope this provides some food for thought in your quest to look your best for the big day!

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