The ins and outs of flower girls and page boys

Children are often a big part of your wedding day, whether it’s your own kids getting involved or those of family and friends. Children may even have a starring role in the wedding party. If you have young children acting as flower girls, bridesmaids or pageboys it is important to put in a little extra effort to ensure they feel comfortable and happy on the day. Remember that while this is a huge day for you the ceremony and formality of a wedding day can be incredibly overwhelming for a child. Touch base with parents, make sure kids know what they are meant to do and perhaps even meant not to do and avoid tears and tantrums in the aisle. Kids Running Wedding

Ask not tell

It’s important to remember that not all children will feel comfortable with a named role in your wedding party. Your adorable niece may look gorgeous in a bridesmaid’s dress but if she is exceptionally shy it might not be appropriate for her to sprinkle petals down the aisle. Speak to parents first and always ask if they and the child feel comfortable taking part. Do the same for your children and remember it’s easy for little people to feel out of their depth.

Provide clear instructions

It might seem obvious to you that the page boy is meant to walk there, hold the rings and sit in the appropriate spot but it probably won’t to him. Children feel most comfortable when they have a clear plan of action so walk them through what they need to do on the day and answer any questions well ahead of time. Make sure children attend any rehearsals and generally remember that they may need extra help understanding their role.

Have a grown up on standby

If you are stood at the front of the venue being married you aren’t going to be on hand to help with any child-related mishaps. Assign an adult to take charge if the kids lose their way or get muddled. Ensure this adult is seated near to the aisle and is someone the child knows well and feels comfortable with.

Father and Daughter at wedding

Provide comfort breaks

It’s not glamorous but children have a habit of wanting to go to the toilet at pretty inopportune times. You should, therefore, make sure that all the kids involved take a toilet break just before the ceremony. You might also want to ensure there is a supply of water, juice and quiet snacks in the venue to keep your very smallest wedding guest happy and quiet.

Flower girls

Provide thank you gifts

Make sure you make a fuss of any child that has played a part in your wedding day. Provide a small gift as a token of thanks during the speeches and take a moment to personally say thank you for their role in the ceremony. These small gestures will mean a lot to both flower girls and page boys and their parents.

Children are a huge part of our lives so it makes sense that they could be a huge part of your ceremony. Remember to make them feel comfortable and valued to ensure your ceremony runs smoothly.

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