Five fun (non-boozy) hen’s night alternatives

alternatives to a boozy hen's night

Your hen’s night is supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. It is, after all, your last big outing as a single woman with your gal pals but, depending on just how hard you and your girlfriends celebrate, you may not even remember it.

Whether your party days are behind you or you’d just prefer something a little more sedate, an increasing number of brides-to-be are opting for hen’s nights that don’t involve anything too wild.

Lucky there are plenty of fun ways to spend your last single night that you will actually (want to) remember.

Book a show

Dita Von Teese hen's night alternatives - burlesque show
If you and your girlfriends are that way inclined, why not just take in a show? Be it a musical, a play or a concert by your favourite artist, this can be a fun option that everyone will enjoy.

If you can find something fun, comedic or even a little risque (such as a burlesque show) to enjoy, you’re bound to have a blast – and more than a few giggles – with your female friends.

Spa treatment

hen's night alternatives - spa treatments
Who doesn’t love to be pampered? A soothing spa treatment is a great alternative way to celebrate your hen’s night, or just to kick off further festivities.

A little TLC and relaxation can go a long way to ensuring you’re relaxed and ready for your big day. Make time for manis, pedis, facials and waxing and you and your gals are well on your way to looking fabulous in the wedding photos.

Lingerie Party

hen's night alternatives - lingerie party
Add some sass to your hen’s night with a lingerie party. You and your ladies can peruse lingerie collections and, perhaps even pick out something special for your wedding night. Hello, honeymoon! Plan a party, and enjoy parading around in frills and lace well into the night.

Oh, and don’t forget, you can still enjoy a glass or two of champagne without getting blotto.

Weekend retreat

hen's night alternatives - road trip
Extend your last night out as a single woman by having a hen’s weekend, rather than a hen’s night. You can’t beat a short getaway with the girls and this mini break can be an hour’s drive away or a flight across the country. Wherever you go, you’ll have plenty of bonding time with your closest friends, as well as memories (and probably a few stories, too) for years to come.

Share a high tea

hen's night alternatives - high tea

High teas are so. so much fun. They hark back to the days when dinner was eaten around 8pm and, therefore, afternoon teas were mini meals.

It was a rather formal affair because tea was not as affordable as it is now, so it was usually enjoyed by the upper classes and accompanied by beautiful pastries, but also savouries such as pies and vegetables.

Today, it’s a formal event accompanied by sweet treats, such as cupcakes and macarons, as well as fine china. It’s so much fun to get all dressed up and sit around chatting and gobbling down delicious goodies with your favourite ladies during a lazy afternoon.

When it comes to alternative hen’s night activities, the possibilities are endless and the only limit is your imagination.

But, whatever you end up doing to mark the end of your single life, ensure you get to spend quality time with your nearest and dearest – and don’t forget to stop and enjoy it.

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