How to ensure your wedding vendors are LGBT friendly (before you enquire)

Upon first glance, it can be hard to determine which wedding suppliers embrace same-sex marriage.

Planning the perfect wedding can be stressful enough without having to navigate which suppliers are open to working with same-sex couples to celebrate their love and commitment.

There are some easy ways you can covertly scope out suppliers you would like to work with before you make contact to get a feel for whether they have the creative ability to think outside the square of tradition and bring your ceremony ideas to life.

Using these handy tricks means you can potentially avoid the awkward conversation that essentially involves you coming out again.

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Check their gallery

Every supplier will have a gallery that shows off their past weddings. Have a scroll through and check it out to see if they have worked with same-sex couples in the past. This is a sure-fire way to know that they are equality-minded.

What language do they use?

You can tell a lot about a supplier by the way in which they address couples on their website and social media pages. Do they speak directly to brides and talk about grooms? Or are they using more gender-neutral language?

If there are online forms to fill out, have a quick read through to see if they have designated the details section to a bride and groom. All of this is not a reason to steer clear of a supplier, unfortunately it is still very much the norm, but if the supplier openly speaks in neutral terms that embrace all types of relationships, you know you can make contact with them without fear of awkwardness.

Have they featured in Real Weddings?

Check out the same-sex weddings we have featured in Real Weddings. It’s an easy way to seek out suppliers who are supportive of marriage equality and also have experience with creating unique ceremonies that are all inclusive.’

Check their social media

Because weddings are such a highly visual event, most suppliers have a heavy presence on social media, which is great news for couples who want to do some covert browsing before they reach out. As with their gallery, you can have a quick scroll through their images to check for any same-sex couples they may have worked with before.

Keep an eye out for little elements like Mr and Mr signage or Mrs and Mrs cake toppers. You can make a shortlist of suppliers who show they are willing to go above and beyond to source special elements for a same-sex wedding.

Research blogs

Check out blogs dedicated to same-sex marriage and you will be sure to see some name-dropping of suppliers that other couples have worked with before and can recommend. You will also find suppliers who may have expressed an unwillingness to work with same-sex couples on a ceremony and this will be an easy way for you to discount them from your list of potential suppliers without having to go through the awkward exchange yourselves.

Ask your friends

You are no doubt well connected in the LGBT community and there is no better form of advertising than word of mouth. Check in with them and see who they have either worked with themselves, or who they know is great to work from speaking to their acquaintances.

Start looking early

The absolute key to securing the best suppliers to help you bring your dream ceremony to life is to begin looking early.

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