Woohoo! I’m having a circus-themed engagement party.

We are all fired up and ready to start the planning for our big February engagement party.

I know we have left it so long and, to be honest, I hadn’t really decided if we were going to have one because of how long we have been together.

But the decision has been made and we are definitely having an engagement party!

We are sticking with our wedding’s circus/carnival theme and I have been going absolutely bonkers with ideas.

I’m talking ridonculous thoughts that are not even feasible but that I really really want, so I need to come up with alternatives.

Then there is the dilemma of just what type of a party we want. Classy dinner? Dancing? Drinking?

Then I thought, ‘Why not have a little from column A and a little from column B?’

Our budget has made it hard to be able to supply everything, so we have to choose between providing a full meal or providing alcohol. I think we are going to provide beer and wine which means we are going to serve finger food, but not just any finger food… festive finger food – things like  popcorn, fairy floss, candy apples, slushies, mini hot dogs and mini corn dogs .

I am trying to think of another savory carnival themed food but I’m really struggling to come up with something.

Any thoughts you may have will go a long way because I don’t want all sweet food.

Then there is the decor, invitations and entertainment.

I am thinking red and white candy stripes and yellow and red in general for decor colours and my fiance has put in one request for the entertainment, so I must also have karaoke.

It has nothing to do with the theme but I mean, seriously, it’s not a party until someone starts belting out some off-key songs on the microphone.

There’s so much to think about and organise but I am making progress because I already have a very clear picture for our invitations and will be starting them very soon.

I will post pics of the construction and share with you how to make your own circus-themed engagement invitations because I am going to be making them myself.

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