13 great engagement gift ideas you should consider

When you have a friend or family member that gets engaged it is nice to send a gift that says “congratulations!” However, knowing what is appropriate to send can be a bit overwhelming. The following list of ideas will give you a great jumping off point to start your engagement shopping.

engagement gift ideas

Mr. and Mrs. glasses

You can purchase these glasses pre-made, or make them yourself. This is the perfect addition to the new life that they are beginning together. These glasses can be customized to say Mr. and Mrs., or even the initials of the couple. This is a completely personal and functional gift that they will be able to use many years down the road.

Engagement party

What is more exciting than throwing a party in honour of the couple’s engagement? You can plan and pay for the party celebrating these upcoming nuptials and invite the couple’s family and friends to celebrate as well. Some options to consider throwing the party include where they got engaged, a favourite restaurant or a special place for the couple.

Wedding planning book

Why not give the couple a truly useful gift that will help them in the planning of their big day. A wedding planning book will outline when they should be doing certain parts of the planning and ensure that they have everything arranged for their big day. There are a number of places online that you can customize the book as well, with the couples name, date or their initials.

Wine bottle label set “firsts”

These wine bottle labels celebrate all the firsts that a couple will have together. There is on for the wedding day, the first Christmas together, the first anniversary, first dinner party and their first baby. Some sets also have one for a first fight, which is humorous in itself. There are also sets where you can customize the labels to reflect the names of the couple.

Customized wall art

Wall art, that is customized with the couples name and engagement date, is a great way to say congratulations and give them a piece of art that can be displayed in their new home. Use your imagination and choose an image that will be meaningful to the couple.


You simply cannot go wrong when you give chocolate as an engagement gift. There are plenty of stores and online sites that offer customizable arrangements and orders to ensure that the selection you make is personalized for the newly engaged couple.

engagement gift ideas

Picnic basket

If you know that the engaged couple loves to be outdoors, then you should consider giving them a well-made and stylish picnic basket. There are a number of styles, shapes and sizes of baskets available with many providers offering the baskets packed full of goodies such as champagne, dishes or other types of fun treats.

Bed tray

This is a unique engagement gift idea, but one that makes a lot of sense when you think about the use of a bed tray. With this gift the couple can enjoy a late dinner in bed, or serve each other breakfast in bed. Additionally, there are a number of different styles to choose from that will complement their personal preferences.

Photo frame

A personalized photo frame or a beautifully hand-crafted frame can be extremely useful engagement gifts that the couple may opt to use for their wedding photo.


Soft flickering candlelight can help to provide a romantic atmosphere for the couple to enjoy quiet nights together with appealing scents that will make their entire home smell wonderful. You may want to consider adding a tray with the candles, which offers the ideal base for these flickering candles.

engagement gift ideas

Lucky bamboo plant

This is a type of lily and a unique gift idea that can bring the engaged couple much luck in the New Year. The various number of stalks are believed to bestow certain blessings on the owner, for example two stalks mean love, three means happiness, five mean wealth, six means luck and eight means fertility.

Gift basket

The options for gift baskets are extremely vast, which means that chances are no matter what a couple enjoys doing, there will be a gift basket that complements and enhance the activity. Some examples include romantic baskets that hold massage oils and candles or a food basket with kitchen appliances, cookbooks or samples of certain spices and foods.

Keepsake box

Another functional item is a keepsake box, where the couple will be able to store mementoes from their wedding day and life together. You can also find boxes that have special compartments for rings or photos.

engagement gift ideas

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