10 essentials you should pack in your emergency wedding day kit

You may be thinking that you’ve thought of everything for your wedding day. You’ve organised it all to the letter, so of course you don’t think that anything will go wrong. Chances are though, something may go wrong on your wedding day. You could get sore feet, have a wardrobe malfunction or get a headache, which are things you definitely cannot predict.

Being prepared for these situations is the way forward. When you prepare for a bad situation ahead of time, you end up tackling those issues like molehills instead of mountains. Here is our list of essentials for your wedding day emergency kit.

Safety pins

emergency wedding day kit

Imagine your wedding day morning. Your dress might be holding together perfectly because you probably spent a lot of money on it and it’s undoubtedly extremely well made. But what about your bridesmaids? Their wedding dresses would have cost just a fraction of your dress. What if one of their straps breaks or there’s a zipper issue? Having safety pins on hand is the best easy-fix solution you can have for wardrobe malfunctions on your wedding day.


emergency wedding day kit

Weddings are hugely emotional. We all know that. So of course you’re going to need tissues for when you’re too emotional to hold back the tears. It’s imperative that you have tissues on you even if you don’t predict there’ll be any tears. They’re perfect for tidying your makeup throughout the day or if your hay fever flares up. Trust us and have tissues on hand.


emergency wedding day kit

Okay, so you most definitely bought a new pair of shoes for your wedding day, didn’t you? If you haven’t taken the time to break them in (let’s face it, you probably ran out of time), then it’s likely that you’re going to get a few blisters and cuts from your new shoes. This is not a big deal if you’ve got some plasters on hand. If you don’t, then you could be spending the next 8-12 hours hobbling around as your blister is made angrier. Do yourself a favour and save yourself the pain by packing plasters.

Body tape

emergency wedding day kit

This might seem like an odd one if your dress fits you perfectly. However, have you actually worn your wedding dress for an entire day and night before? Probably not. It’s when you wear an item of clothing for this long that you realise how it can move in an odd way or slip down. Bring some body tape in your emergency kit to adjust your dress as the day goes on. It may be your lifesaver.


emergency wedding day kit

Many brides and grooms forget to eat and drink on their wedding day, but this isn’t going to be you. Make sure to have some water and some emergency snacks like a few muesli bars, energy balls or something chocolatey if you feel yourselves fading during the day.

Ibuprofen or paracetamol

emergency wedding day kit

Bringing your painkiller of choice will help get rid of pesky headaches that could otherwise ruin your perfect day. Bringing them along is no trouble, but not having them could result in you leaving your own wedding early or not enjoying yourself.

Deodorant, perfume and cologne

emergency wedding day kit

If you happen to be getting married in warmer weather or your suit or wedding dress happens to very heavy and thick, you may end up getting a bit sweaty on your wedding day. Sweat is bearable and inevitable on a hot day or in a heavy fabric, but smelling bad can be avoided and should be avoided at all costs. You’re going to feel so uncomfortable if you know that you smell and have no way to combat it on the day. So bring along deodorant plus your perfume and cologne to keep yourselves fresh as daisies.


emergency wedding day kit

On the day, you’re bound to be eating a few things or having drinks, meaning that beautiful and perfectly applied lipstick is definitely going to fade as the day wears on. Bring your lipstick for touch-ups throughout the day, you’ll especially want this for your wedding photos. In addition, you can also pack other make-up for touch-ups too, but we’d say that lipstick is the most important.


emergency wedding day kit

This one may seem a bit random, but chalk is actually perfect for covering up marks on your wedding gown. If you or someone spills something on your dress, you can soak up the stain with paper towels, tissues or napkins then cover up the remainder by rubbing chalk into the stain. You won’t even be able to tell it’s there.

Mini sewing kit

emergency wedding day kit

The mini sewing kit, like the safety pins is particularly good for wardrobe malfunctions. The benefit of a sewing kit over safety pins is longevity. Safety pins are great if you’re time poor and need a quick fix, yet if you have time for a few quick stitches instead, it’ll mean you probably won’t need to think about the problem for the rest of the night.

Bonus items

If you’ve still got room in your bag, consider adding these items as well.


emergency wedding day kit

Even though you may want your wedding guests to only see you tall, leggy and elegant in your fabulous new high heels, you may not be prepared for how much pain this may cause. For those of us who rarely wear high-heeled shoes, wearing a pair for a whole day and night can be total agony. This is why you should definitely bring a pair of flats. Bring a pair that you know and love or buy a new pair months and months before and break them in properly. Any excuse for more shoes, am I right?

Lint roller

emergency wedding day kit

To keep your dress or suit looking fresh and clean, bring along a lint roller to catch any bits and pieces that may cling to you throughout the day. This will keep you both looking your best for your photos.

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