How to embrace a wet weather wedding

A lot of people think of it as the worst case scenario, but it’s something that any bride planning an outdoor wedding should be thinking about: a plan B for when it rains. While the great outdoors offers the perfect backdrop, romantic ambience, and stunning setting for many couples’ dream wedding, Mother Nature can take hold and ‘rain on your parade’. Don’t let the weather dampen your spirits! Read the tips below to help you out with your wet weather wedding plan.

Hire a good wedding planner

You don’t want to jinx it, but you also don’t want to risk it. Get a good wedding planner who’d know what to do in case “it” happens. Rain or shine, you should be enjoying your day and not spend the time worrying about what to do.

Bring the outdoors, indoors

Mother Nature is quite unpredictable, even in the sunniest parts of the world. We say, better stay dry than sorry. Reserve a nearby indoor venue that you can easily decorate with greenery or is already donned with nature-inspired pieces.

Get yourself covered (pun intended!)

Rent a tent or marquee at least two weeks before the wedding if you’re marrying during a fickle-weather season. You should also assign people who’d be able to erect the tent, you know, just in case it really rains.

If a huge tent is not possible, it’s a good idea to rent a smaller one to cover the food, drinks, gifts, and wedding favour stations.

Send weather cards

Let your guests know about your alternative ceremony and/or reception plan. If it’s a farther venue, include a map. If it’s just the pavilion nearby, write down where it is. This will give them peace of mind, too. It’s better to be open and keep everyone updated than keep them guessing what happens when there’s a change in the weather. Perhaps these can be part of your invitations.

Take advantage of the lighting

Who said a rainy day can stop a wedding photo shoot? Water puddles and overcast skies won’t disappoint you and your wedding photographers. They set the mood right and can help you get creative with your poses!

Prepare a rainy day themed dance playlist

Embrace the rain and party in style with songs like Rihanna’s Umbrella to Gene Kelly’s I’m Singing in the Rain!

Employ plan U: Umbrellas

Rain or shine, it’s best to come in prepared with umbrellas or raincoats and even boots. They can look really cute in photos, plus they serve as memorabilia for a one-of-a-kind wedding day.

Invest in event insurance

This isn’t really plan B, but it’s a good investment for couples marrying during the rainy season. If the weather goes bad to the point that the wedding must be postponed, you can still get back a huge part of the costs. Find out why you need wedding insurance here.

Don’t be anxious about having a Plan B

No matter what happens, keep in mind that the rain doesn’t ruin your wedding day. Actually, rain can make it even prettier if you allow it. With a bit flexibility, some sort of back up plans and emergency umbrellas, you have nothing to worry about.

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