Easy, peasy: How to write a groom's wedding speech

For those grooms fretting about writing their wedding speeches, don’t. Believe it or not, there’s nothing to fear.

Your groom’s speech is actually quite an easy task, after all, the crowd will be on your side; your bride is definitely going to back you and, well, you’re the groom, so you can’t really put a foot wrong on your wedding day, can you?

So, relax!

To start with, there are really only two things you need to do in your groom’s speech: thank people and talk about your new bride (and your new life). Of course, peppering your speech with jokes is a bonus that always ties the whole thing together nicely.

Follow this basic formula and you really can’t go wrong. Add a dollop of creativity, a smattering of good humour and a little imagination – and expect a rousing ovation.

Thanking people
Thanking people is easy – and the right thing to do. Weddings are never the result of just one or two people’s efforts. Tally up the names of the people who’ve contributed to your big day and thank them for their contributions.

Of course, your thanks should extend to the people in your life who’ve helped you and your new partner over the years too, people such as parents, siblings and dear friends etc.

Don’t just say ‘Thank You’ and list the people who’ve helped. You can make this portion of your speech a little more entertaining by giving a short one-line story about each individual or discussing their contribution and how much it helped the two of you in the run-up to your wedding day.

Thank as many people individually as you need to but try not to make this part go so long that it starts to become uncomfortable.

Regardless of who you thank, don’t forget to thank your new bride. Thanking the bride is, typically, the climax of a groom’s speech and the point you make your wedding toast, so build up to it.

When you thank your bride, obviously do more than just say ‘Thank You’. Weave in a lovely story or two and express your feelings for her at this pivotal moment in your life.

Talking about your bride
Whether you join this portion of your speech with thanking your bride, the best way to figure out what you want to say is simply to jot down the first few thoughts that come to mind.

It sounds corny but speak from your heart. Don’t try to be overly romantic or to steal lines from songs or movies. Just write down your initial thoughts and it will start to take shape.

Once you have your basic thoughts down, start editing it.

Read it back to yourself out loud and you’ll start to remember things, moments, quotes etc. Avoid too many inside references as most of your guests won’t understand them, but unless you’re dead against public declarations of affection, just ensure your words express how much you love her. It really is that simple.

The groom’s wedding speech doesn’t need to comprise of Shakespearean prose or grandiose declaration of your affections. While this is nice if you can pull it off, your speech just needs to be simple and sincere.

If you’re still stuck, consider incorporating the following tid bids:

– Talk about how you first met.
– Mention the little things that you think about when you think of her.
– Bring up funny or sentimental stories about events that occurred early in your relationship, particularly if they are amusing.

Making jokes
Don’t worry too much about this one if it doesn’t come naturally. Remember the audience is already on your side, so if you don’t consider yourself someone who can ‘do funny’, you don’t need to do it.

If you are someone who can ‘do funny,’ keep it simple and, particularly if parents or children are present, try to keep it clean. Of course, you know your audience best and how far you can push it, but while your mates might find the odd rude joke hilarious, the bride’s side, especially your new parents-in-law, may not.

The best way to write a successful groom’s wedding speech really is to just relax and let it flow naturally. Speak the truth and speak from your heart and you can’t go wrong.

Nobody is going to make fun of you and nobody is going to think badly of you.

You and your bride are the stars of your wedding day  – and everybody is there to celebrate it with you, not judge you on your public speaking skills!

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