DIY…Where will I get the time?

I am really starting to freak out because my wedding is only seven months away. I know what you are all thinking, “seven months is ages.”

Let me tell you, it is not!

I am freaking out because I don’t know where I am going to fit in DIY time and actual organising my wedding.

I have three children; I am secretary at my daughter’s kindergarten (Not sure why I offered myself up for this); I’ve only just returned to work (at Easy Weddings) from maternity leave; I’m studying and, of course, I’m planning my wedding. I am crazy!

It is currently 8:05pm and I’ve finally found time to my wedding planning time. The kids are in bed, my fiance is occupied and I can focus… ish.

I need to start practicing or trialing all the things I am planning on making by hand. If I don’t set myself a target, I will just let it go by so here in front of you all, however many of you are actually reading this, I will do one, every fortnight until I have figured it all out.

Here is what I am thinking of so far. What do you think?

  • My save the dates
  • My invitations
  • Giant paper roses for my bridesmaids
  •  Giant flowers for decor
  • Papier-mache cups – for my tea party
  • and whatever else I think up on the way

  Giant flower decor

Tea Cups

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