DIY ring toss and bean bag toss game

For our circus themed engagement party I made, with the help of a girlfriend, some side show games to entertain our guests. One of them was a ring toss and below is just a quick walk through on how I did it, with the help of my four year old daughter and lovely girlfriend.

Materials I used:

  1. Poster paint – That I found in my godson’s art supplies, I went with and red.
  2. Different sized toilet rolls – One of my friends has been collecting toilet rolls from her work for my four year old for quite some time so they came in handy. There were short industrial ones, long hand paper towels and normal thick ones.
  3. Two planks of wood for the bases – These were laying around my girlfriends back yard and she wasn’t using them.
  4. Super glue


  1. I painted each of the bases a different colour so the games would look different.
  2. Using a kitchen knife I cut the short thick industrial toilet rolls into rings for throwing. I used these ones because they were wide enough to fit around the other rolls.
  3. I painted all of the rolls coordinating to the base. So the rolls for the blue base were red, with blue on the inside, and the red based rolls were blue. I used two different sizes for the ring toss to keep it interesting.
  4. Then we glued the rolls onto the boards. Now this was probably the most difficult part as we weren’t quite sure what would actually stick. We tried a hot glue gun which was great – short term. I re glued it about a dozen times but it just wouldn’t stick. The following day we had some super glue and that worked a treat.

I put both games on hay bales to really set the scene and used mini bean bags, again my godsons, for the bean bag toss.

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